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NTFs, TFs and CATE winners

CAI has set up a community of National Teaching Fellows, Teaching Fellows and CATE winners. Together, they support pedagogy across DMU and beyond through mentoring, seminars, observations, roadshows and other responsive means.

Meet the community:

ntf-andrew-r-200x300-imgAndrew Reeves, Teaching fellow | Senior Lecturer, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development


My teaching practice focuses upon participatory and inclusive approaches to engage with real-world societal challenges, particularly climate change and the sustainability agenda. I view universities as embedded within wider communities and seek to integrate community stakeholders and community-level issues into my teaching practice through a range of approaches, from live briefs, co-learning classes and by running open events linked to my subject area. I employ action learning approaches to teaching and social change, emphasising reflective practice and peer-to-peer support. I use discussion, games and facilitated processes to make learning activities engaging and impactful, in both in-person and online environments.


Pedagogic networks: 
Responsible Futures network
Sustainability in Higher Education (SHE) network 
RSA Fellowship


Learning and teaching activities: 

DMU Education for Sustainable Development project

European Universities Association Thematic Peer Group: Sustainability in Teaching and Learning

ntf-angela-o-200x300-imgAngela O'Sullivan, National Teaching Fellow, Teaching Fellow, CATE winner | Professor of Inclusive Practice in Teaching & Learning 

Angela O’Sullivan is a DMU Teacher Fellow, Professor of Inclusive Practice in Teaching and Learning and Head of Widening Participation in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, DMU. She champions inclusive practice and is passionate about widening access, raising aspirations and overcoming barriers for disadvantaged groups to progress to higher education.  She has drawn on her experience of teaching science in vocational further education colleges, higher education and a prison to develop a very clear scholarly humanist pedagogy focused around motivation and supportive, yet autonomous learning. Her ethos is that learning should be relevant, 'hands on' and fun. Her original research focus was analytical pure science but her experiential learning whilst teaching care-leavers drew her towards the social sciences. Her novel longitudinal study into the barriers to educational attainment for care-leavers has been cited numerous times. 


She is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a National Teaching Fellow. Her work in developing engaging interdisciplinary outreach was recognised with an Advance HE Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE). Angela is a member of the Committee of the Association of National Teaching Fellows and the newly formed CATE-Net group. 


Pedagogic networks:

Researching, Advancing & Inspiring Student Engagement (RAISE) Inclusivity Special Interest Group

Association for Academic outreach (AfAO)

Association of NTF, with CATEs


Learning and teaching activities: 


Virtual conference experiences 2020


Johnson M, Danvers E, Hinton-Smith T, Atkinson K, Bowden G, Foster J, Garner K,  Garrud P, Greaves S, Harris P, Hejmadi M, Hill D, Hughes G, Jackson L, O’Sullivan A, ÓTuama S, Brown PP, Philipson P, Ravenscroft S, Rhys M, Ritchie T,  Talbot J, Walker D,  Watson J, Williams M & Williams S (2019): Higher Education Outreach: Examining key challenges for academics, British Journal of Educational Studies, DOI


O’Sullivan, A.M & Westerman, R. (2007) Closing the gap: Investigating the barriers to educational achievement for looked after children. Adoption & Fostering Volume 31 Number 1 pp.13-20. 


Julia Reeve, Teaching Fellow | Digital Partner: Creative Pedagogies


Julia Reeve is a DMU Teacher Fellow based in Library & Learning Services and works across disciplines, building confidence and creative thinking via imaginative, multisensory learning including LEGO® Serious Play®, collage and drawing. Her background in fashion design informs her teaching philosophy, which combines a constructionist ‘Thinking with the hands’ approach with compassionate pedagogy. She is particularly interested in emotional aspects of learning, and her practice focuses on the development of self-awareness and empathy, supporting social connection and wellbeing through playfulness and creativity. 



Pedagogic networks:

Brickmind LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator Community 

Playful Learning Association  



Learning and teaching activities: 

Compassion Play blog

Advance HE blog post. Virtual conference experiences 2020

Article:Talking to myself: reflections on Reframing. A conversation reflecting on my experiences of using creative practice (specifically the Reframing technique) within a STEM context, Higher Education Pedagogies, 4:1, 256-261, DOI


Ros Lishman, Teaching Fellow | Associate Professor


Ros Lishman is an Associate Professor currently focusing on facilitating co-constructed experiential and service learning in the Department of Politics, People and Place. She has been at DMU for over 20 years and a DMU Teacher Fellow since 2012. 

Ros is recognised for her experience and ability to support students and colleagues to build digital capabilities through developing their confidence to bring about small changes which have significant personal, professional organisational impact. Her strengths also include designing curriculum and finding opportunities to enable staff and students to gain professional recognition and develop employability skills. Ros’ pedagogic practice is underpinned by the community of inquiry framework and application of the universal design for learning framework



Pedagogic networks:

BAL: TaLEnt 


Learning and teaching activities: 

DigitalTeachNology (@digitalteachnology) • Instagram photos and videos 

DigitalTeachNology (@DigiTeachNology) / Twitter 


Lishman, R. and Jones, A. (2020) Putting the Action into Politics: embedding employability in the academic curriculum, Paper to the ECPR annual conference, 24-28 August 2020 



Zoë Allman, National Teaching Fellow | Associate Dean (Academic)


As an academic leader awarded NTF (2020) and PFHEA (2018), Zoë drives change through inspirational leadership, improving the experience of students and colleagues. Her philosophy is underpinned by embedding mental wellbeing in the curriculum, and she leads the university-wide project aligned to the Advance HE project of the same name. Zoë’s background in media means she enjoys stimulating interest in learning through technology to improve engagement. Zoë is passionate about enhancing teaching and learning for students and colleagues, and continually seeks new opportunities to develop her own skillset to share with and empower others. 


Learning and teaching activities: 

Advance HE Mental Wellbeing and Staff in HE Symposium, key note speaker

University Project Director for Embedding Mental Wellbeing in the Curriculum

Advance HE Connect Network Lead for Developing and Enhancing Our Academic Resilience


Di Turgoose, Teaching Fellow | Associate Professor Learning, Teaching and Scholarship; Community & Criminal Justice Division


Di’s approach is underpinned by a philosophy grounded in the synergy between academic work, and practice; ‘pracademic’, utilising interdisciplinary and evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning, to connect theory, policy and practice and to engage with solving real world problems. Through her research informed teaching and disruptive pedagogy practices Di challenges conventions as part of an approach that is deeply imbued with a sense of public good. Within her subject discipline Di has developed important and influential communities of practice which have exerted UK Parliamentary influence, alongside receiving international accolades, including being invited to City Hall (the location of the presentation of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize) by the Mayor of Oslo.  


Pedagogic networks: 

Learning and Teaching Network: British Society of Criminology

RSA Fellowship



Leisa Nichols-Drew, National Teaching Fellow, CATE winner | Associate Professor in Forensic Science


Leisa Nichols-Drew is an Associate Professor in Forensic Science and a DMU Teacher Fellow. Leisa is proud that her work in embedding forensic science in outreach contributed to the CrashEd 2018 spotlight winning CATE team at DMU (led by Professor Angela O’Sullivan). Additionally, she is a 2018 Churchill Fellow, 2019 National Teacher Fellow, and 2020 Chartered Forensic Practitioner. Leisa is passionate about forensic science Teaching and Learning, especially in developing novel and engaging approaches, that are inclusive for varied learning styles and abilities. During the Covid 19 pandemic, Leisa has collaborated with 2 other NTFs Associate Professor Rachel Bolton-King (University of Staffordshire, also a CATE winner) and Professor Ian Turner (University of Derby), to launch an online webinar series #RemoteForensicCSI to help create a community of best practice for forensic science educators within FE, HE and practice. 


Pedagogic networks: 

DMU Teacher Fellow Network 



Association of National Teacher Fellows 


Learning and teaching activities: 

Advance HE 2020 Learning and Teaching Virtual Conference


#RemoteForensicCSI Webinars and Networking Community Resources


Association of National Teacher Fellows 2020 blogs:  


Alistair Jones, Teaching Fellow, | Associate Professor and UTF


I try to engage with students. I want them to think and develop their own ideas, and to be able to explain and defend these ideas. This is particularly important with students who are new to studying politics. Thus part of my approach is to de-mystify the subject. Politics is not as scary as many imagine it to be. 


Pedagogic networks: 

ECPR Teaching and Learning standing-group


Learning and teaching activities: 

Tor Clark and Alistair Jones; "Not what they want, but what they need: Teaching Politics to Journalism students" Teaching Public Administration vol. 35-2, pp. 223-234, 2017

Blog commentary and response to Natália Gachallová; (2018) “Online Quiz as a Formative Tool in Latin Medical Terminology Courses” in Gabriela Pleschová and Agnes Simon (eds.); Early career academics' reflections on learning to teach in Central Europe (5 Sept, 2019) 

Forthcoming book chapter: "Teaching Local and Regional Governance" in Teles, F. (ed); Handbook on Local and Regional Governance (Edward Elgar) (2022 publication date) 



Alasdair Blair, National Teaching Fellow

Robert Brannen, National Teaching Fellow

Deborah Cartmell, National Teaching Fellow

Gabriel Egan, National Teaching Fellow

Christopher Goldsmith, National Teaching Fellow

Richard Hall, National Teaching Fellow

Tracy Harwood, National Teaching Fellow

David Parkes, National Teaching Fellow

Julia Pointon, National Teaching Fellow

Michael Powell, National Teaching Fellow

Jo Rushworth, National Teaching Fellow

Momodou Sallah, National Teaching Fellow

Oliver Bennett,Teaching Fellow

Louise Buckingham, Teaching Fellow

Pip Cornelius,Teaching Fellow

Louise Dunford, Teaching Fellow

Jason Eyre, Teaching Fellow

David Gordon, Teaching Fellow

Stephen Handsley, Teaching Fellow

Debbie Le Play, Teaching Fellow

Claire Orwin, Teaching Fellow 

Alison Statham, Teaching Fellow

Nicola Ward, Teaching Fellow

Nikki Welyczko, Teaching Fellow

Marie Basford, CATE winner

Annette Crisp, CATE winner

Joanne Bacon, CATE winner

Mark Fowler, CATE winner

Jonathan Coope, Teaching Fellow

Antonio Pena-Fernandez, Teaching Fellow

Kevin Merry, Teaching Fellow

Nick Rowan, Teaching Fellow

Shushma Patel, National Teaching Fellow