What CAI does

The Centre for Academic Innovation (CAI) is De Montfort University’s hub for developments in pedagogic praxis and associated practical research.

CAI supports and disseminates teaching and learning good practice across the university and beyond, and our aim is to become a world-leading centre of pedagogic and academic innovation and excellence, with a focus on enhancing and disrupting the learning and teaching experience.

At DMU, CAI promotes academic innovation projects and provides information, advice, and guidance for this and other forms of pedagogical support. CAI explores, supports and facilitates innovative best practice in the transformation of assessment, learning and curriculum development. We encourage and facilitate enhancement, engagement, and transformational thinking and activities within the teaching and learning experience, supporting pedagogic innovation and providing leadership.

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Student Action Committee

This group of students have the opportunity to share their views on learning and teaching at DMU and develop solutions to address any concerns they possess. The format is a participatory approach to the co-production of knowledge, with students positioned as both students and teachers in a dialogical process.

Laura Flowers, previous Student Union Academic Executive says: “The Student Action Committee (SAC) consists of a group of students who want to make a difference to their teaching and learning experience at DMU. It is a great opportunity to have conversations and create action which creates change. It’s a fantastic way for students to build confidence, make similar-minded friends and network with the people high up in the university, all whilst being incredibly beneficial for their CVs.”

Read SAC’s report on the benefits and hinderances of semesterisation at DMU.

Take a look at infographic one and infographic two to see their findings on learning during the pandemic.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Learn more about UDL.

Educational leadership

Working with individuals, programmes, departments, schools, faculties and external bodies, we work to address challenges in learning and teaching, and identify innovative pedagogic solutions. We develop and design effective interventions to improve our pedagogic delivery.

Research-informed teaching

CAI places research-informed teaching and teaching-informed research at the heart of what it does by supporting individuals and subject groups to recognise the symbiotic relationship between teaching and research and to develop programmes that enhance teaching and learning across DMU and beyond. CAI curates a learning space which is designed to be flexible, open and engaging; encouraging staff to share and disseminate their practice and explore new methods and opportunities.

Take a look at the Journal of Critical Southern Studies and our Gateway papers.

CAI Sabbatical Fellowship

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