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Promoting our city

We intend to:

  • Expand our engagement with under-served people, including the homeless, prisoners and refugees
  • Actively involve at least half of our students in local community initiatives
  • Reach 6,000-plus school pupils with projects raising aspirations and developing skills
  • Improve health and well-being in Leicester by sharing highest-quality education with health workers and supporting public health initiatives
  • Launch apprenticeships and continuing professional development courses to address the skills and innovation gaps facing the local business community, with at least 1,000 adult learners participating
  • Work with the City Mayor and Leicester businesses to make ours a ‘smart city’ with actions meaningful and visible to citizens by 2020


In the next five years we will play a continuing, critical role in the growth and prosperity of our city by cultivating talent, driving innovation and strengthening communities.

DMU Square Mile and #DMUlocal have established a deep, mutually beneficial relationship with our local communities and civic institutions. We will further deepen this by expanding to Thurnby Lodge, to raise aspirations and wellbeing there, and broaden the scope and ambition of our civic engagement through a unique partnership with the city council. This will evolve to respond to critical challenges facing our city and be one of the most extensive between a university and a local authority.

DMU’s work with HM Prison Leicester is already transforming the lives and prospects of prisoners. Similarly, the work of students and staff on the European End Street Homeless Project in Leicester is improving the lives and prospects of the homeless community in our city. We will find further opportunities to improve the communities in the city and will strengthen and deepen the impact of our engagement.

We will focus on:

  • Improving educational achievement in local communities by providing support for literacy, arts, science, technology and maths subjects in Leicester’s schools, and on fostering aspirations and confidence in local students
  • Addressing Leicester’s skills gap by attracting new talent to our city, by providing outstanding educational opportunities, and by encouraging graduates to build their careers in Leicester
  • Fostering innovation through collaboration and sharing knowledge with local entrepreneurs and enterprises
  • Improving the situation and prospects for under-served communities in the city, particularly the homeless population, prisoners and refugees
  • Contributing to the health and well-being of the city by training health workers and engaging in public health initiatives.

We will continue the transformation of our campus and create dynamic, safe and attractive new public spaces in the city centre and Castle Park. We will also look wider to support and transform our community with projects including the development of a high-tech, all-weather sports ground in Beaumont Park.

We will look ever more outwards, beyond our campus and city. We have a responsibility, with the City Mayor, local public agencies and the business community, to take Leicester to the world and enhance the global, intellectual, sporting and cultural reputation of our city through our research and educational activities. By doing so, we will help the city create a virtuous circle of investment from tourism, new enterprise and major global organisations, which will provide the social and economic capital to transform Leicester.

Key performance targets

  • Demonstrable economic and social impact of DMU in Leicester
  • 6,000 pupils engaged in our local outreach initiatives
  • 50 per cent of DMU students working on a local community project
  • DMU students to found 100 new businesses in the city in five years

Key performance indicators

  • Percentage of students participating in local community work
  • Number of local citizens engaged in DMU’s community outreach projects
  • Increase in partnerships with city government, organisations and businesses
  • Number and extent of recognition of Smart City projects trialled by 2020
  • Support for, and participation in, the annual Leicester Business Festival