Collaborative provision: academic partnerships

De Montfort University’s (DMU) key values include a commitment to work in the wider community, to promote widening participation, and to be a truly international university. The university's collaborative activity is therefore an important strand of its operation. DMU has a strong network of partnerships both in the UK and overseas, most of which have developed over a long period of time.

The university’s definition of collaborative provision is based on that used by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), ie it leads to an award or to specific credit towards an award of DMU, delivered and/or supported and/or assessed through an arrangement with a partner organisation. More specific models of collaborative provision activity are available which seek to clarify the different types of arrangements managed by DMU. The collaborative register provides full details of the university's current collaborative partnerships.

Collaborative partnerships are managed by Educational Partnerships (UK) and the Global Partnerships Unit (International). The Partnerships (Quality) team within the Department of Academic Quality (DAQ) are responsible for quality assuring standards, ensuring that partnerships are well run and mutually beneficial, and that students have the best possible experience. Quality management of the university's collaborative provision is overseen by the University Collaborative Provision Committee (UCPC). 

Educational Partnerships also manage the Validation Service which is responsible for programmes that do not sit within faculties. This may be because the university does not have provision in the same cognate area, or because the faculty(ies) concerned do not wish to collaborate.

For further information regarding collaborative provision, please contact Educational Partnerships (UK) or the Global Partnerships Unit (International).

Find out more about the quality management of collaborative provision

The guide to managing collaborative provision is the primary tool for colleagues involved in the quality management of collaborative partnerships. Key information from this guide is presented in this section (via the left hand side navigation menu). There are also quick start guides to collaborative provision available for reference.

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