International applications to study at De Montfort University

Every year, international students from more than 100 countries choose to study with us. When you apply to a university abroad there are a number of important steps, but we’re here for you every step of the way to try to make your journey from application to arrival as smooth as possible.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide so that you know what to expect when you apply to study at DMU and what to do after you receive your offer.

How do I apply?

Step one: download and complete our international application form

Step two: prepare the following documents:

  • A copy of your qualifications
  • A copy of your English language certificate
  • A personal statement of at least 500 words explaining why you want to study your chosen course at DMU and any additional information that will support your application
  • A copy of your passport
  • One reference for undergraduate study, or two references for postgraduate study
  • Some of our creative courses may ask for a portfolio - see our portfolio advice

Step three: return your application and documents to the Admissions Office at*

Applications for undergraduate courses can also be made via the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) using the UCAS Institution Code: DEM/D26.

What happens after I apply?

We can only look at your application once we have received your application form and all supporting documents, such as your passport and qualifications, so please make sure you have submitted all the required elements listed within the ‘How do I apply?’ section above.

You’ll then receive one of the following decisions by email:

Conditional offer – you still need to submit outstanding documents. Your place will be reserved until you meet the rest of the entry criteria.

Unconditional offer – you meet the entry criteria and have submitted all necessary documents. Your place will be reserved until you accept or decline your offer. If you accept, you’ll be required to pay a deposit.

Alternative course – you do not meet the entry criteria for the course you applied for, but your application shows you are suitable for another similar course.

Reject – you do not meet the entry criteria. Where possible we will try to match you with an alternative course.

Application support

If you need any more information about the application process, you can contact us by emailFacebook or WeChat. Alternatively, you can find an agent in your country who can guide you through the whole application process.

International students applying and arriving at DMU

I’ve received an unconditional offer – what’s next?

After you've met all criteria and have received your unconditional offer, you'll need to accept your offer. Here are some of the next things you will need to think about before moving to the UK to study at DMU.

  1. Deposit – once you accept your offer to study at DMU, a deposit to confirm your place will be required as per your unconditional offer letter. It can usually take up to five working days for this to register on our system. You'l then need to wait for your CAS letter to be sent.

  2. CAS – A CAS is a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies. The CAS is a very important legal document that you'll need to apply for a visa, as the CAS letter will include your personal ID, tuition fee amount and outstanding amount to pay, and any scholarship information if applicable. Your CAS won't be released until the deposit payment has been made.

  3. Visa – once you have received your CAS letter, you'll need to book a visa appointment with UK Visa and Immigration. The UK has strict immigration laws and students must explain the reasons for their visit and may have to provide supporting evidence. Visit our visa advice page for more helpful information.

  4. Travelling to the UK – when you have received your visa, then you’ll be able to book your flight. We advise to not book any non-refundable travel arrangements until you have obtained a visa.

    When you arrive in the UK, the UK Border Agency will ask for your visa, CAS, passport and will also question you regarding your reason for entering the UK, so make sure you have all your documentation to hand. To help you travel from the airport to our campus, we offer a pick-up service from Heathrow airport.

  5. Arrive on campus – from the time you arrive on campus, you'll have two weeks to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card from either the campus or a local post office. Your BRPcard confirms your right to study or work in the UK and to any benefits to public services you're entitled to.

  6. Fee payment and enrolment – the final stage is the payment of 50 per cent of your fees which is followed by enrolment. You will not be able to enrol until this has been paid. This can usually be done at the time of enrolment so there shouldn't be any delay in starting at DMU. Once you have enrolled you'll receive your timetable.

  7. Enjoy International Welcome Week!

Key dates for postgraduate courses starting in 2023


Application deadline


Unconditional offer deadline


Deposit deadline


Credibility interview deadline (standard visa)


CAS issuance deadline (non-priority visa)


Credibility interview deadline (priority visa)


Teaching starts


CAS issuance deadline (priority visa)


Last date of arrival/registration

*To apply after this date you will need to have your application supported by an approved DMU agent and authorised by the International Office.  

Key dates for undergraduate courses starting in January 2023


  1. Business Management (level 4)

    • Friday 2 December 2022: Application deadline

    • Friday 16 December 2022: Unconditional offer deadline

    • Sunday 1 January 2023: Deposit deadline

    • Friday 20 January 2023: Credibility interview deadline (standard visa applications)

    • Friday 27 January 2023: CAS issuance deadline (non-priority visa applicants)

    • Friday 3 February 2023: Credibility interview deadline (priority visa applications)

    • Monday 13 February 2023: Teaching starts

    • Tuesday 14 February 2023: CAS issuance deadline (priority and super priority services)

    • Friday 24 February 2023: Last date of arrival/registration
  2. International Finance and Business (level 6)

    • Friday 2 December 2022: Application deadline

    • Friday 16 December 2022: Unconditional offer deadline

    • Friday 16 December 2022: Credibility interviews deadline (standard visa applications)

    • Friday 23 December 2022: CAS issuance deadline (non-priority visa applicants)

    • Friday 23 December 2022: Credibility interviews deadline (priority visa services)

    • Sunday 1 January 2023: Deposit deadline

    • Monday 9 January 2023: Teaching starts

    • Tuesday 10 January 2023: CAS Issuance deadline (priority and super priority services)

    • Thursday 19 January 2023: Last date of arrival/registration



Contact us

You can contact the team via telephone or email:

T: (+44) 0116 207 8443

All documents should be submitted to