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The Empowering University

Following a thorough strategy consultation process involving staff, students, governors, external stakeholders and experts, DMU’s Board of Governors have approved the ‘strategy on a page’ which you can view below and by viewing this PDF graphic illustration. This will form the blueprint for further work on KPIs, delivery plans and supporting strategies over the next few weeks and months. 


Our mission

Discovering gateways of opportunity that empower students, staff and our community to create a fairer society.


Our vision

Creating a community of participation, fairness and collective responsibility; transforming individual lives and championing a fair and sustainable society.


Our values

We support each other, we value difference and are honest and compassionate towards others. Together we will be courageous in exploring possibilities, breaking down barriers and re-imagining new horizons.

Our strategy

Learning for life

  • Flexible learning for students of any age, fostering a love of learning and knowledge, delivered through our innovative Education 2030 programme.
  • Learning beyond the classroom provided through practical experiences in local, national and global arenas.
  • Creative approaches to learning delivery that ground students in digital literacy, and are focused on employability, building entrepreneurial and life skills.

Success: Closing the Leicester skills gap; ensuring graduates access employment opportunities which meet their ambitions.

Knowledge creation

  • Fostering interdisciplinary research that has impact: building on individual skills and knowledge for collective impact.
  • Integrated approach to knowledge exchange: sharing and learning with external organisations, industry and the community.
  • Nurturing the next generation of diverse researchers through developmental programmes.

Success: International reputation for our research themes; our research makes a difference to lives.

Empowering people

  • Delivering an engaged experience for all students; building their confidence and fostering belonging and fulfilment so students can learn well and live well.
  • Championing diversity of our students and staff, a nurturing community which is inclusive and dynamic, drawing on our diversity to challenge the status quo and to drive change.
  • Campus collectives around themes which bring together research, teaching, staff interest and external engagements.

Success: A diverse, engaged community; no pay or awarding gaps; positive health and wellbeing amongst students and staff.

Partnerships with purpose

  • Leicester local: creating strategic partnerships to enrich the business and cultural community and support social and economic needs.
  • Creative by design: develop national and global partnerships that create resilient, self-motivated and inquisitive graduates, transform relationships and impact local, national and global communities.
  • Valuing social responsibility through our voluntary support by staff and students which helps local and regional initiatives.

Success: Addressing local and regional needs; realising national and global opportunities of mutual benefit.

Cross cutting themes

Equality for all | Sustainability and the sustainable development goals | Digital transformation | Financial strength