Past projects and completed PhDs


Global perspectives on governing assisted reproductive technologies

Dr Lucy Frith (PI)

CIs: Professor Marie Fox and Professor Nicky Hudson 

Funded by the Wellcome Trust Small Grant Project scheme


Contact: Dr Lucy Frith,

Digitising reproduction: new technologies, intersectionality and the politics of inclusion 

Dr Nicola Mackintosh (PI)

Funded by the Foundation for Sociology of Health and Illness

CI: Professor Nicky Hudson, De Montfort University


Contact: Dr Nicola Mackintosh,

Understanding Klinefelters syndrome: genetics, gender and reproduction

Dr Esmee Hanna (PI)

CIs: Professor Nicky Hudson and Dr Cathy Herbrand, De Montfort University.

(2017 - 2018)

Funded by the Foundation for Sociology of Health and Illness.

Contact: Dr Esmee Hanna,

Visualising reproduction in medical, social and historical contexts: an interdisciplinary inquiry 

(2017 - 2018)

Dr Beatriz Pichel and Professor Nicky Hudson

Funded by the De Montfort University's Revolving Investment Fund

Contact: Dr Beatriz Pichel,  

A Survey of the endometriosis clinical nurse specialist role in British society for gynaecological endoscopy registered centres

PI Wendy Norton


Contact: Wendy Norton,

The changing role of elective egg freezing: A survey of the attitudes and experiences of clients at UK fertility clinics

Dr Kylie Baldwin


Contact: Dr Kylie Baldwin,

Postponing childbirth, extending fertility? Biotechnologies and transformations of reproductive life 

PI Professor Nicky Hudson


Funded by the School of Applied Social Sciences, De Montfort University and the Wellcome Trust.

Contact: Professor Nicky Hudson,  

ENDOPART 2: developing a knowledge exchange partnership and improving support in endometriosis 

PI Professor Nicky Hudson 

(2015 - 2016)

Funded by the Higher Education Investment Fund at De Montfort University

Contact: Professor Nicky Hudson,  

Women’s experience of care in an Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU), following an early miscarriage 

PIs Dr Lynn Furber and Wendy Norton

(2014 - 2016)

Contact: Wendy Norton,

The surviving crying study 

PI Dr Tina Harris


Funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

Contact: Dr Tina Harris,

The MITOFAMILY study: genetics, reproduction and biotechnologies in the context of mitochondrial disorders 

PI Dr Cathy Herbrand


Funded by the De Montfort University Early Career Research Fellowship.

Contact: Dr Cathy Herbrand,

The experience and ethics of egg donation: an international workshop  

PI Professor Nicky Hudson


Funded by the De Montfort University's Revolving Investment Fund and the Foundation For Sociology of Health and Illness.

Contact: Prof Nicky Hudson,  

The ENDOPART study: endometriosis: improving the wellbeing of couples 

PI Professor Lorraine Culley


Funded by the UK Social and Economic Research Council. 

Contact: Professor Lorraine Culley,

Creating midwifery specific open educational resource materials

PI Bernadette Gregory and Jacqui Williams


Funded by Jisc.

Contact: Mrs Bernadette Gregory,

Breast feeding baby ‘on the go’ 

PI Dr Tina Harris


Funded by De Montfort University’s Mile² project.

Contact: Dr Tina Harris,

Exploring the experiences of Deaf women using maternity services

PI Bernadette Gregory


Funded by De Montfort University.

Contact: Mrs Bernadette Gregory,

Delivery of deaf awareness and introduction to BSL classes 

PI Bernadette Gregory and Dr Joanna Downes


Contact: Mrs Bernadette Gregory,

The TRANSREP study: transnational reproduction: an exploratory study of UK residents who travel abroad for fertility treatment

PI Prof Lorraine Culley

CIs Professor Nicky Hudson, Professor Eric Blyth, Dr Allan Pacey, Wendy Norton, Professor Frances Rapport


Funded by the UK Social and Economic Research Council.

Contact: Prof Lorraine Culley,

The ENDOCUL study: endometriosis and cultural diversity: improving services for minority ethnic women 

PI Professor Elaine Denny

CI Professor Lorraine Culley


Funded by Research for Patient Benefit grant.

Contact: Prof Elaine Denny,

Engaging local parents living with a disability 

PI Bernadette Gregory


Funded by the East Midlands Healthcare Workforce Deanery

Contact: Mrs Bernadette Gregory,

The GAMDON study: public understandings of gamete donation in infertility treatment 

PI Professor Lorraine Culley


Funded by the UK Social and Economic Research Council

Contact: Prof Lorraine Culley,

The ASFERT study: British South Asian communities and infertility services 

PI Professor Lorraine Culley


Funded by the NHS Trent Region

Contact: Prof Lorraine Culley,

Completed PhD projects

Exploring perceptions of reproductive timing in British South Asian communities - Sasha Loyal

1st supervisor Dr Helene Mitchell

2nd supervisors Professor Nicky Hudson and Dr Cathy Herbrand



Reproductive decision-making amongst women with Turner syndrome - Kriss Fearon  

1st supervisor Dr Cathy Herbrand 

2nd surpervisor Professor Nicky Hudson 

2015 – 2020

Exploring women's and men's perspectives and experiences of female genital cutting - Paris Connolly 

1st supervisor Dr Stephen Handsley

2nd supervisor Dr Cathy Herbrand 

2014  – 2019

An exploratory study of gay men seeking surrogacy to achieve parenthood – Dr Wendy Norton

1st supervisor Professor Nicky Hudson

2nd supervisors Dr Julie Fish and Prof Lorraine Culley


The influence of an educational programme on pregnancy outcomes among obese, pregnant women in Kurdistan region of Iraq – Dr Aveen Haji Mam 

1st supervisor Dr Tina Harris 

2nd supervisor Professor Mark Johnson

2011 – 2018

Reproductive migrations. Surrogacy workers and stratified reproduction in St Petersburg - Dr Christina Weis

1st supervisor Professor Nicky Hudson 

2nd supervisor Dr Sally Ruane

2013 – 2017

An exploratory study of egg freezing for non-medical reasons – Dr Kylie Baldwin 

1st supervisor Professor Nicky Hudson

2nd supervisors Dr Helene Mitchell and Professor Lorraine Culley

2011 – 2016