Centre for Reproduction Research areas of expertise

The work of the centre is based on principles of interdisciplinarity and our expertise encompasses a range of theoretical and philosophical perspectives and research approaches. Our research covers a number of cutting-edge topics including:

  • Age and reproductive timing
  • Commercialisation of reproductive treatment
  • Cross-border reproductive travel
  • Egg and mitochondrial donation
  • Egg freezing
  • Ethnicity, religion and assisted conception
  • Gay and lesbian parenthood
  • Genetic disorders and reproductive technologies
  • IVF add-ons
  • LGBTQI reproduction
  • Men, infertilities, technologies and fatherhood
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Socio-psychological aspects of endometriosis
  • Surrogacy

With a breadth of experience in research design, the centre specialises in qualitative, ethnographic and participatory approaches. Our work utilising visual and online methods demonstrates our commitment to principles of inclusivity as well as our expertise in utilising contemporary research techniques. Members of the centre also have expertise in mixed method research and intervention design and evaluation. Our methodological expertise provides an excellent basis to support our PhD students to think innovatively about their research. Members of CRR regularly provide media comment and expert testimony as well as influence policy and practice through their work.