Study with the Centre for Reproduction Research

The Centre for Reproduction Research (CRR) welcomes applications for self-funded PhDs from individuals who are interested in undertaking a PhD in the field of reproduction research; you may also be interested to see details of competitive bursary schemes being offered at DMU. 

The PhD programme enables individuals to engage in a focused, detailed study of a topic or research question about which they feel passionate. It combines the autonomy of self-directed study with expert guidance from experienced, renowned scholars within the field. 

Broad topic areas may include infertility and use of reproductive technologies, including donation, freezing and surrogacy; cross-border reproductive travel; reproductive timing and/or ageing; non-traditional family formations; chronic and genetic conditions and reproduction; disability and reproduction; identity, gender, sexuality and reproduction; contraception, abortion and pregnancy; and pathways to and experiences of parenthood. Disciplinary areas may include sociology, psychology, anthropology, health policy, health care improvement, nursing, midwifery, bioethics and science and technology studies. Please see the member list for a full description of interests and topics, as well as details of our current and past PhD projects. 

All applications to study with the CRR are submitted directly to the DMU Doctoral College, who provide information on entry requirements, forthcoming application deadline dates and fees.    

If you are interested in undertaking a PhD at the CRR, take a look at our brochure, and contact for an informal discussion in the first instance.