Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility members



Dr Simisola Akintoye, Leicester De Montfort Law School


Simi is a Senior Lecturer in Law and the Data Protection Officer for the European Union Human Brain Project. Her work involves continuous and up to date research in legal and ethical compliance with privacy and data protection laws. She is interested in law and emerging technologies, privacy, ethics and responsibility.


T: +44 (0) 116 257 7790
E: simi.akintoye@dmu.ac.uk

nikita-bhallaDr Nitika Bhalla, Project Manager


Dr Nitika Bhalla is a Project Manager at De Montfort University, working specifically in the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility. She is working on managing EU funded proposals and projects with various European stakeholders.


T: +44 (0)116 366 4823
E: nitika.bhalla@dmu.ac.uk

laurence-brooksProfessor Laurence Brooks, Professor of Technology and Social Responsibility


He is Co-Investigator of the SHERPA project, local co-ordinator for the Horizon CDT (joint with the University of Nottingham), and is local PI for the forthcoming TechEthos project.


T: +44 (0)116 207 6579
E: laurence.brooks@dmu.ac.uk

mayen-cundenDr Mayen Cunden, Lecturer in Information Systems and Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Digital Technology Innovation


Mayen’s research is at the interface of ethics and technology with particular focus on the social implications of IT enabled technologies. His work combines insights from business and information systems and helps to tackle some of the grand societal challenges of sustainable development. Mayen leads the CCSR-in-Africa initiative for partnership development and collaboration.


T: +44 (0)116 207 8692
E: mayen.cunden@dmu.ac.uk

martin-deheaverMr Martin de Heaver, Managing Director of ORBIT


Martin is Director of ORBIT, with a background in systems engineering (air traffic control, railway systems, congestion charging/low emissions zones, airport systems, parking), and the commercialization of ICT research (computer vision, IOT, predictive analytics). Formerly a member of the Parliamentary IT committee (PITCOM), and a long-standing member of the Pilgrims Society.


T: +44 (0) 7447 843507 
E: martin.deheaver@orbit-rri.org

matthew-deanMr. Matthew Dean, Senior Lecturer in Business Computing


Matthew is interested in the application of educational theory to the teaching of computing, especially programming. 


T: 7503
E: mjdean@dmu.ac.uk

serena-dolbySerena DolbyTraining and Marketing Supervisor


Serena is a specialist in learning and development with over 10 years of experience of the whole training cycle within various roles in companies such as British Standards Institute, Volkswagen, Opus Energy and more. She is TAP and CIPD qualified.


T: +44(0)116 250 4562

damian-ekeDr Damian Okaibedi Eke, Research Fellow


He is responsible for Data Governance on the EU Human Brain Project and his research activities include work on Data Governance in Africa, Data Ethics, Ethics of Emerging technologies including AI and ICT4D.


T: +44 (0)116 257 7489
E: damian.eke@dmu.ac.uk 

roxana-firthDr Roxana Firth, Research Fellow


Roxana is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility, De Montfort University, UK. Her research looks at people and technology, with a focus on smart homes, innovation and creativity.


T: +44 (0)116 207 8487
E: roxana.firth@dmu.ac.uk

malcolm-fiskProfessor Malcolm Fisk, Professor of Ageing and Digital Health


Malcolm carries an international reputation in the area of digital health and older age. With a background that includes community activism, local government, the electronics industry and private sector research; he champions technological innovation in a way that endeavours to empower consumers and service users.


T: +44 (0) 116 250 7723
E: malcolm.fisk@dmu.ac.uk

catherine-flickDr Catherine Flick, Reader in Computing and Social Responsibility


Dr Flick is a technology ethicist with specific interests in emerging technologies and video games. She is an expert in the ethics of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, informed consent in technology, ethics in and of video games, and responsible research and innovation.



yaseen-jakhuraYaseen Jakhura, Project Officer


To lead and organise the aspects of ethics management of the Human Brain Project (HBP) by supporting the Principal Investigator and implement administrative support and professional services.


T: +44 (0)116 207 (8600)
E: yaseen.jakhura@dmu.ac.uk

eirini-smallEirini Kalaitzopoulou, Project Research and Development Manager of the CCSR and P/T Lecturer in Information Systems


Eirini is currently responsible for administrative support of the following projects: LIV:IN, PREFET and RRING


T: +44 (0)116 250 6374
E: erini.kalaitzopoulou@dmu.ac.uk

paul-keeneMr Paul Keene, Online Coordinator


Paul has more than 18 years of experience in graphic and web design in e-commerce and institutional contexts. He has created online work for clients such as EMI Music and Universal Studios as well as websites for groups such as the Big Innovation Centre and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence.


T: +44 (0) 7447 843507
E: paul.keene@dmu.ac.uk

caroline-kheneDr Caroline Khene, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, Information Society Doctoral Programme coordinator in the CCSR


Dr Caroline Khene’s research interests are in ICT4D, digital citizen engagement, open data governance, and process mining in the public sector. She is currently Director and Principal Investigator of the MobiSAM and MobiSAfAIDS projects on digital citizen engagement in basic service delivery and sexual reproductive health services in developing countries. 


E: caroline.khene@dmu.ac.uk

william-knightDr Willam Knight, Research Fellow for the Human Brain Project, Deputy lead for Ethics Compliance, Data Governance, Data Protection and Data Management


T: +44(0) 116 250 4384 
E: william.knight@dmu.ac.uk

tonii-leachTonii Leach, Research Assistant


Tonii’s work in the Human Brain Project focuses on societal and ethical issues around Artificial Intelligence, governance of AI, technology transfer, and Responsible Research and Innovation. She also has research interests in AI narratives and imaginaries.


T: +44 (0)116 250 6374
E: antonia.leach@dmu.ac.uk

neil-mcbrideDr Neil McBride, Reader in IT Management


Neil is a system thinker and ethicist. His work has covered systems theory, qualitative research in information systems, posthumanism and IT service management. His ethical interests include robotics, driverless cars, big data, smart cities and facial recognition.


T: +44 (0)116 207 8500

E: nkm@dmu.ac.uk

funmi-obembeDr Funmi Obembe, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems


Dr Obembe’s research interests are in technology enhanced learning, open data, data analytics, data science, knowledge management and machine learning/deep learning algorithms for knowledge representations.


T: +44 (0)116 201 3871
E: funmi.obembe@dmu.ac.uk

george-ogohDr George Ogoh, Research Fellow


His research interests cover a wide range of topics in emerging technology ethics including responsible innovation, data governance and data protection.


T: +44(0) 116 250 6374
E: george.ogoh@dmu.ac.uk

adebowale-owoseniDr Adebowale Owoseni, Senior lecturer in Information Systems and Researcher


Adebowale's research interest considers the socio-economic implications of digital technology uptake, covering themes such as digital innovation, culture and transformation.  


T: +44 0116 366 4553
E: adebowale.owoseni@dmu.ac.uk

gosia-plotkaMiss Gosia Plotka, Lecturer in Information Systems


Gosia joined De Montfort University in October 2016 and since then is involved in teaching about Information System Development. Her interest includes Requirements Engineering & Social Impact of Computing. In her work Gosia likes to take a pragmatic approach, hence, she is not afraid to test new, innovative and cutting-edge methods, techniques or tools such as Lego® Serious PlayTM, reframing or Design Thinking.


T: +44 (0) 0116 366 4281
E: malgorzata.plotka@dmu.ac.uk

kathleen-richardsonProfessor Kathleen Richardson, Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robots and AI


Kathleen is director of WERAID (Women, Ethics, Robots, AI & Data) and founder of the ethical feminist Campaign Against Sex Robots. She is also co-PI on (forthcoming) Ethnos.


T: +44 (0)116 207 8584
E: Kathleen.richardson@dmu.ac.uk

achim-rosemannDr Achim Rosemann, Senior Research Fellow


Achim is the co-leader and coordinator of the social science programme of the Human Brain Project’s work package on bio-based AI and neurorobotics applications. He is also the initiator of the AI Global Governance Group


T: +44(0) 116 250 6374
E: achim.rosemann@dmu.ac.uk

bernd-stahlProfessor Bernd Stahl, Director, Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility


He serves as Ethics Director and local PI of the Human Brain Project, coordinator of SHERPA and Co-Principal Investigator of the ORBIT project.


T: +44 (0)116 207 8252
E: bstahl@dmu.ac.uk

inga-ulnicaneDr Inga Ulnicane, Senior Research Fellow


Governance of science, technology & innovation; Grand societal challenges; Artificial Intelligence; dual use; European Research Area. PhD students welcome!


T: +44 (0)116 207 8783
E: inga.ulnicane@dmu.ac.uk

ismini-vaseleiouDr Ismini Vasileiou, (SFHEA, FBCS) Associate Professor in Information Systems |Associate Head for Teaching and Learning| Subject Lead of Information Systems


Dr Vasileiou’s research interests include Social Engineering, Security Education, Learning Analytics, Technology-supported Learning, and Unconscious Bias.


T: +44 (0)116 366 4271
E: ismini.vasileiou@dmu.ac.uk

kutoma-wakunumaDr Kutoma Wakunuma, Associate Professor Research & Teaching in Information Systems


Dr Wakunuma’s research interests are in Information Communication Technologies for Development, Responsible Innovation, Gender, Computing Ethics, Emerging Technologies and the UN’s SDGs. She is DMU PI on the RRING (Responsible Research and Innovation Networked Globally) project and is Co-PI on the Digital Innovations for Transitioning to a Circular plastic Economy (DITCh Plastic) project. Dr Wakunuma is also Deputy Subject Group Leader IS Group and Programme Leader for MSc Computing.


T: +44 (0)116 2506294
E: kutoma@dmu.ac.uk

sara-wilfordDr Sara Wilford, Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow, Programme Leader Computing BSc


Dr Wilford’s research interests include Computer and technology ethics, privacy and data protection, surveillance and society, and public policy. She is also an ethics advisor for the European Commission. 


T: +44 (0)116 250 6294
E: sara@dmu.ac.uk

PhD students

Rachel Catherine Harris

Abdulqadir Abdi Diriye

Abigail Silas Udoma

Oyeniji, Oluyinka Abiodun

Oluwaseun Harold Kolawole

Bakari Ally Mashaka

Michelle Louise Brown

Malgorzata Alicja Plotka

Tonii Leach

Abdulkarim Mohammed Alsamaani

Eirini Kalaitzopoulou

Vincent Bryce

Ruairi Blake

Deng Malok


Professor Alexander Brem, International Research Associate

Professor Anne Chartier, International Research Associate

Professor Carole Brooke, CCSR Research Associate

Dr Chris Fidler, CCSR Research Associate

Professor Don Gotterbarn, Visiting Professor

Professor Kiyoshi Murata, International Research Associate

Dr Mario Arias Oliva, International Research Associate

Dr Mick Phythian, CCSR Research Associate

Dr Mohamed Begg, CCSR Research Associate

Dr Richard Howley, Research Associate and Principal Lecturer

Steve McRobb, CCSR Research Associate and Principal Lecturer

Professor Simon Rogerson, Emeritus Professor

Professor Terrell Ward Bynum, Visiting Professor