Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility areas of expertise

Ethical and social aspects of emerging technologies

  • Technology foresight

    Analysis of emerging technologies, such as:

  • Technology impact analysis
  • Quantum computing
  • Human-machine confluence
  • Neuro- bio- cognitive ICT

Responsible Research and Innovation

  • Public and stakeholder engagement
  • Equality and diversity in research and technology
  • Research governance
  • Reflexivity
  • Open access

Computer and Information Ethics

  • Ethics and information systems
  • Ethics of video games
  • Anonymous technologies
  • Trusted computing
  • Informed consent in IT

Ethics and Culture of Robots and AI

  • Anthropological Ethics of Robots
  • Autism and Robots
  • Theatre and Technology
  • Attachment Theory and Autism Theory
  • Sex Robots
  • Chatbots and new technological relational others
  • Feminism
  • Abolitionism/Anti-Slavery