Programming their own software tools allows students to achieve musical goals which are well beyond the reach of conventional off-the-shelf software. Recent projects include algorithmic work, live electronics, interactive systems, spatialisation tools and personalised sound generation and processing environments.

Programming techniques are taught using Max/MSP, a highly versatile graphical programming environment specifically designed for musicians. Much of the interactive installation work presented on this site was programmed using Max/MSP.

JAMES EADE, Birdsong (2015)

Software generates a musical interpretation of a live Twitter feed

JOSH TWILLEY, Score (2012)

Software for instantaneous audio manipulation and transformation, using a puzzle paradigm

JAMES JOSLIN, Coupes la Parole (2012)

Toy piano, music box and live electronics in the MaxMSP coding environment

SAM DODSON, Swatch (2009)

Software that enables the user to import, loop, and manipulate pre-recorded sound with a glitch aesthetic

STEVE MORGAN, Project 3 (2009)

A sound development environment with video component for live performance

ROB MALONE, Project 3 (2008)

Software to enable improvisation and musical 'play' by combining live input with pre-recorded loops in an easy-to-control interface

SEBASTIAN MOODY, Project Three (2008)

This patch was designed to be a compositional playback device that would allow certain musical variables to be changed in real time

SAM DODSON, Circulator (2008)

A sample-based live-performance patch designed to generate ambient soundscapes

MIKE FOYLE, 7am (2007)

The entirety of the sound synthesis and composition for this piece is done within Max/MSP


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