An installation is a visual or sonic art work that is designed to be 'installed' in a given space, creating an entire sensory experience for the viewer. It can be of any length, can occupy any space (or even several spaces), and can be of any size. It also often has a clear connection with 'real life' and the space in which it is presented.

Students on CMT and MTP have created a variety of interactive and site-specific installations which have been presented in diverse contexts, from the Leicester Space Centre to a Victorian Sewage Pumping Station, and in galleries and concert halls throughout the city and beyond. 


BRUNO IGLESIAS - Frame of Phase (2019)

An installation in which moving speakers provide ‘representation of current national and international affairs through today’s information outlets'

BRUNO IGLESIAS - The Monolith (2019)

An interactive installation for St Mary De Castro Church, Leicester, ‘challenging the notion of a higher being’

DAVID BALDAZZI - En Ergon Khoros (2019)

A site-specific audio installation exploring St. Mary de Castro Church acoustically and conceptually

ROB CHAFER - Perditus sum; quod perierat requiram (2018)

This installation in St. Mary de Castro Church, with textures and images formed from elements relating to the interior of the church

STEVE GREEN - The Back of the Beyond (2016)

A 32-channel sound installation creating the audible sensation of being in a forest

SAM TOMS - Platonic (2013)

Animation for a site-specific installation that sought to break the boundaries between the composition and realisation of a work

ROBERT MARTLAND - Lysik's (2013)

A triple-video and six-channel sound installation interpreting Katherine Lysik’s personal experiences with the sense-fusing condition of synesthesia

SAM TOMS - To Flower Out... (2013)

A site-specific installation based on the tragedy of a fatal accident in the Leicester Pumping Station in 1890

DEAN PHILLIPS - An Alternate Aesthetic (2013)

An installation based on removing or amplifying various visual and sonic attributes of the Abbey Pumping Station

JAMES JOSLIN - Clockwork Etudes 1-8 (2012)

A music box is attached to each clock's minute hand, thus slowing the music's tempo down to one beat per hour

ANNELIE NEDERBERG - The wound is where the light enters you (2010)

An installation for DMU's Trinity Chapel, presenting an electronically treated version of 'Ave Verum' from Jenkin's 'Stabat Mater' along with the sound of salt cracking on slate…
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