Circuit bending and 'dirty electronics/punktronics' instrument building is rapidly growing in popularity within electronic music circles, and many students become interested in constructing 'DIY' electronic instruments from scratch using sensors, electronics and 'junk'. Using the Max/MSP programming environment, students can also build entire musical interactivity environments which audiences can play as instruments.

MICHEL WEGIEL - Arduino Sequencer/Synth Demonstration (2019)

An Arduino-based 8-step sequencer and synthesiser

ALTEA ALESSANDRINI - Final Portfolio Improvisation (2018)

A free improvisation with amplified objects and computer processing

TIM GOVER - Circuit Bent Talking Teacher (2009)

A third year Dirty Electronics creative project involving circuit bending

NEIL SPOWAGE - Ghetto Bastard (2008)

Part of an MA portfolio, the Ghetto Bastard 'was derived from a Sharp Portable Radio Cassette Player that I found in the wheelie bin outside my house...'

SAM BARNES - Modified Toy Ensemble Performance (2008)

An improvised performance using an ensemble of circuit bent instruments consisting of drum toy, keyboard-style device, one-armed bandit and a globe-shaped push-button toy


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