Decolonising DMU

There exists, in universities across the country, a gap in attainment between Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) students, and white students.

This should not be the case but it is. At De Montfort University we have worked hard to introduce a range of measures to narrow this gap – measures we call Freedom to Achieve – and as a result, progress is being made.

But there should be no gap at all, no distinction between the opportunity available to all our students. So, we want to go further and work harder to give each one of our students the same chances of success and the same freedom to achieve as any other.

As such, we have introduced Decolonising DMU, our ongoing institution wide project to ensure there is no racial disparity in our institution, in the makeup of our staff, in the way we teach, in the experience our students receive or the choices we make as educators.

The nature of this work is challenging: we have to work together and be prepared to reflect on ourselves and our behaviours as much as the choices we make as an institution.

There are four key areas that Decolonising DMU is focused on:

These work streams are underpinned by a programme of research and evaluation activity, which monitors the impact of the project and helps to develop our understanding of the decolonisation process and its effect on our staff and students.

You can find out more about how we will develop this project over the coming months and years at the Decolonising DMU website.