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DMU Who's Who
Allan, Raymond (Dr)Leicester School of PharmacyN/A
Allen, Hattie (Mrs)School of Applied Social SciencesN/A
Allen, Susan ()Leicester School of Pharmacy+44 (0)116 207 8772
Allen, Thomas (Dr)Leicester Castle Business School+44 (0)116 257 7435
Allman, Zoë ()Leicester Media School0116 207 8087
Almaaiteh, Yazan (Mr)Leicester De Montfort Law SchoolN/A
Alo, Kolawole (Mr)Leicester Castle Business SchoolN/A
Al-Othmani, Abdulaleem (Aleem) (Dr)School of Computer Science and InformaticsN/A
Alown, Mosbah (Mr)School of Computer Science and InformaticsN/A
Alsalemi, Abdullah (Mr)School of Computer Science and InformaticsN/A
Alsheglawi, Bilal (Dr)Leicester School of ArchitectureN/A
Altaf, Meryem (Dr)School of Leadership, Management and MarketingN/A
Amanda Palmer, Lisa (Dr)ResearchExt 8241
Amaral, Fernanda (Dr)Leicester Media School+44 (0)116 207 8683
Amaugo, Amarachi (Dr)Leicester Castle Business School+44 (0)116 250 6512
Anastassi, Zacharias (Dr)School of Computer Science and Informatics+44 116 257 7021
Andean, James (Dr)Leicester Media School+441162577521
Andrews, Tom (Mr)School of Applied Social SciencesN/A
Angafor, Giddeon (Mr)School of Computer Science and InformaticsN/A
Anlesinya, Alex (Dr)Leicester Castle Business SchoolN/A
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