Will a degree help my child to get a job?

Your child's employability after graduating is a crucial thing to consider during the application process. Graduates face a competitive job market, so the opportunities and career insights a university can provide are vital in giving them an edge in the professional world.

Employers need work-ready graduates with experience and industry skills on their CV. At DMU we work closely with industry to design engaging courses that will equip your child with the skills and experience to accelerate their career and get them ahead in the competitive job market.

Your child will have access to support with placements, internships, volunteering, coaching and even building their own business, all built into DMU life and study through our exceptional Careers Team.

We also offer lifelong support for graduates in making contacts and getting career advice through DMU for life. Students from DMU are working at all kinds of leading companies and institutes such as BMW, Calvin Klein, Cummins, HSBC, the House of Commons and Network Rail.

See below for some recent examples of what some of our students have achieved on their placements: