Is university right for my child?

University is an opportunity for your child to study something they are genuinely passionate about, gain life experiences and build on key skills that make them more employable. A degree can be essential if they have a particular career in mind, such as nursing, law or architecture, though degrees in wider subject areas are also invaluable in gaining the knowledge, expertise and confidence to begin an exciting and fulfilling career journey. 

For many students, university is also a chance to gain independence as a young adult - living away from home for the first time, based in a new city with new friends. At university they can enjoy opportunities such as volunteering, get involved with sports clubs and societies, and have access to careers advice, placements and internships, all in a safe and supported environment. 

Choosing the right university

Everyone will have a different idea of what their ideal university offers. 

The first step to finding the right university is for your child to decide what subject they want to study, and do some research into which universities offer these courses. They might want to think about the facilities that are available for that subject, and job opportunities after graduation. To get started, they can view the full list of courses offered at DMU, and also the range of courses on the UCAS university course listings page.

They might also want to consider the location – would they like to be close to home or further away? On a campus or in a city? And what would they like that location to offer, such as transport links, culture and activities.

Finally, they will probably want to think about the extra things that they would like to gain out of the university experience, including placement years, sports clubs and societies, and international opportunities. 

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Open Days

After they’ve shortlisted some universities (they can put down up to five on their UCAS application form) then you may want to encourage your child to check out some Open Days

Open Days are the best way to get a feel for whether they will be happy and safe at that university for the next three to four years. At an Open Day you can learn about everything from course content to tours of the facilities and accommodation, info about extracurricular activities and student support. Perhaps most importantly, there will also be plenty of current students and tutors on hand to answer questions about their own experiences.