The cost of university

University is a substantial financial investment. As a parent or guardian, the cost and financial commitment will be a key concern. However, there is plenty of support available to students for both tuition fees and living expenses, so the cost of university should not stand in the way. This page will help to explain the different funding options, so that you can help to make sure that your child is able to access all the financial support available to them.

Tuition fee and maintenance loans

UK students can get a loan from Student Finance England for the full cost of their course, as well as a maintenance loan to cover living costs such as rent, food and books. Both of these loans are only repaid after graduation. The amount that your child will have to repay is linked to their graduate salaries, and only once they are earning more than a certain amount: the current threshold is £26,575, so if they lose their job or their salary falls below this amount, the repayments stop. Student loan repayments are also linked to how much a graduate earns, not the amount they borrowed.

Student finance is offered through Student Finance England and can be applied for online through their website.

Rewatch our Introduction to Student Finance live stream from our student advisers.


Applying for funding

You will have your own section of the Student Finance England application to complete, and you will need to know your child’s login details. It’s important that the details of the application are correct to make sure that they get their funding on time.

Certain aspects of the maintenance loan applications are means tested, so you may get questions about your own salary, or be required to submit details if you are self-employed – however, these processes are all quite straightforward, and are simply to ensure that your child can access the full loan that they are eligible for.  

Applications for student finance open around February. We recommend getting it sorted as early as possible to submit all the required documentation and deal with any potential issues, as well as guaranteeing your child receives the money as soon as they enrol.

Budgeting with your child

As your child gets ready for university, it can be helpful to sit down with them and help them to work out a budget. You may need to consider what their maintenance loan will cover, if you can give any extra financial support, and whether you are able to act as a guarantor for accommodation and help with accommodation deposit payments. 

DMU offers scholarships and funding options in certain scenarios, which you can learn more about on our fees and funding page. Some students can apply for special support grants, such as single parents or students with a disability. These don’t have to be paid back, so if you believe that your child is eligible they are worth looking into.