Academic Experts

Infectious Disease Research Group, core members:

Dr Katie Laird

Dr Susannah Walsh 

Laura Smith

Ms Marilena Ioannou

Dr Antonio Peña-Fernández

Dr Shivanthi Samarasinghe

Dr Umakhanth Venkatraman Girija

Infectious Disease Research Group, associated members and disciplines:

Natural Product Research

Dr Randolph Arroo

Dr Avninder Bhambra



Professor Richard Jenkins


Bioanalytical Chemistry and Chemical Pathology

Professor Martin Grootveld

Environmental Chemistry

Professor Katherine Huddersman


Biomolecular Technology

Professor Adrian Slater


Textiles, Engineering and Materials (TEAM)

Professor Jinsong Shen

Dr Angela Davies


Pharmaceutical Technologies

Professor Zeeshan Ahmad

Dr David Armitage

Dr Amos Abioye


Emerging Technologies Research Centre (EMTERC)

Dr Shashi Paul

Dr Richard Cross:



Dr Benjamin Gronier

Psychology and Sexual Health

Professor Rusi Jaspal


Pharmacy Practice

Dr Peter Rivers


Dr Sarah Younie





Dr Katie Laird, Head of the Infectious Disease Research Group.