Business Services

Contract Research: in the field of antimicrobial product development and the innovation and development of improved diagnostic technologies for health care providers and equipment suppliers.

Training and Education: through the delivery of bespoke short courses and development and distribution of educational tools and applications.

Consultancy: to support companies meet their technical challenges through the provision of services requiring our expertise in Infection Control, Reformulation, Product Development, diagnostics (including clinical, environmental and community isolates) and Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing.

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Case Studies:

Natural Products Sector:

A PiKT project was undertaken with Penny Price Aromatherapy Ltd. This has led to the product development of a natural facial toner that is effective against acne causing microorganisms.  This will be sold in high end retailers.  In addition the work has been published in a peer reviewed journal and presented at national and international conferences.  Work with Pharmaceutical companies on the development of functional supplements is also ongoing.

Laundering Sector:

Antimicrobial manufacturing companies have commissioned DMU to conduct efficacy testing of their products through the healthcare laundering process.

“Working with DMU on various projects involving the efficacy of essential oils has been a great boon for our company. Having taken part in the PiKT scheme, and other projects, PPA and its customers have benefitted from the research outcomes, as have our own students at our Academy.”

Penny Price, Managing Director of Penny Price Aromatherapy

As an independent consultant working on behalf of the UK laundry and textile rental industry which provides specialist services to the health-care sector as part of its portfolio, it was the DMU which highlighted and duly advised an innovative opportunity resulting from microbiological study undertaken by two of their PhD students.

The commercial awareness displayed by the particular department head at DMU coupled with academic excellence enabled the industry to evaluate and justify the potential exploitation of a new professional laundry services.  DMU were able to investigate and guide in the further resourcing of financial support through the Innovate UK KTP facility, as well as providing essential links to the correct offices of the NHS.

Richard Newton, Managing Director of Opeque


Penny Price Aromatherapy Ltd