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The defining characteristics of English research are its attention to the subtleties of meaning in creative, expository and technical writing, and its accounts of the histories of writing's creation, dissemination, and consumption.

Two defining characteristics of English research at DMU are its focus on how processes of literary adaptation figure in these histories, as well as its expertise in the creation of modern critical editions of literary and historical works that convey to modern readers these subtleties of meaning and these histories of creation, dissemination and consumption. These areas of interest are captured in our two international centres, the Centre for Adaptations and the Centre for Textual Studies.

Centre for Adaptations

The international Centre for Adaptations brings together academics from Drama, English, History, Film Studies and New Media.

It hosts the journal Adaptation (Oxford University Press) and the book series Screen Adaptations (Methuen and Norton), organises workshops across universities in Europe and America, offers lectures during an annual cultural events week, and is home of the Association of Adaptation Studies which manages annual conferences (which have taken place in Leicester, Atlanta, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Istanbul, London and Oxford).

It collaborates with Honorary Professor, Andrew Davies, who donated his rich and extensive archive to the centre in 2015.

 “The new journal, Adaptation, and the new Association of Adaptation Studies is a most welcome development in an area that has been for so long under-represented in academic circles. As a practitioner, I find it rather thrilling to be the object of scholarly investigation!" - Andrew Davies, screenwriter and novelist

Contact details

Professor Deborah Cartmell, Director of the Centre for Adaptations

De Montfort University
Clephan Building 0.38
The Gateway

T: +44 (0)116 255 1551 extension 6685

Centre for Textual Studies

The Centre for Textual Studies (CTS) is devoted to scholarly research in the fields of textual studies and history of the book, as well as the emerging technologies that support them.

These fields include bibliographies, textual criticism, scholarly editing, genetic criticism, computational stylistics, the sociology of bibliography and texts, and book history.

The CTS undertakes research that strengthens the ties among these related fields and that draws on advanced electronic technologies for investigation and presentation.

The historical range of texts in which the CTS has expertise starts with medieval manuscripts (for example poems by Geoffrey Chaucer), continues through the early printed book period (incunabula by William Caxton, the quartos and Folios of Shakespeare) into the steam press and hot-metal periods (the 18th-20th centuries) and ends with the latest digital editions.

The centre provides technical, methodological, theoretical, practical and administrative support for projects that it undertakes. It assists researchers seeking funding for such projects and supplies instruction in technical information related to the design and implementation of electronic scholarly research sites in literary and historical disciplines.

Contact details

Professor Gabriel Egan, Professor of Shakespeare Studies and Director of the Centre for Textual Studies

De Montfort University 
Clephan 0.35
The Gateway


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