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DMU Academic Test of English (DATE)


Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, CELL now provides its DATE tests in an online format.

If you meet the DMU academic entry requirements for a course but have not been able to take an IELTS test, CELL will be able to test you on the four main areas of English language: reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. This test is called the DMU Academic Test of English, or DATE.

It is a similar format to the other recognised international English tests. 

  • The test is usually chargeable but in light of current COVID-19 circumstances, we are offering the test free of charge to all candidates.

  • The DATE test is open to DMU offer holders only.

  • It measures English proficiency and provides students with an IELTS equivalent score ranging from 4.0 to 7.5.

  • Once your application has been checked and approved, you will be sent your test date.Twenty-four hours before your test starts, you will be sent a unique username (a ‘P number’) and password that you will use to access the test. You will also be sent a link that you will need to access at 08.45 (UK time) on the morning of the test. This will connect you to a video call with the examiner, who will then guide you through the test itself. The test will take place using DMU’s virtual learning environment, Blackboard. You do not need to download anything and you can access all this from most browsers.

  • Tests take place online on a weekly basis.

  • The Reading and Writing tests each take 1 hour 15 minutes, following test orientation. Speaking and Listening will take place the next day in the form of a 20-minute paired interview, scheduled between 9am and 1.30pm (UK time), depending on the number of candidates.

Minimum age: You must be at least 18 years of age prior to commencing the test.


To book a DATE test, you can either

Once you've been registered for the test and assigned a time slot, you will be sent instructions on how to access it online 24hrs before your test. 

You will be assigned a unique and time-limited username and password to log into our Blackboard online learning resource. This requires no download and can be accessed via any browser.


Frequently asked questions

  1. When can I take the test?

    The online DATE test will run on a weekly basis. All tests are scheduled to start at 9am UK time (BST). Tests will not run on UK Bank Holiday closures.
  2. How does the test work?

    Once registered and assigned a slot to undertake the online DATE test, candidates will be sent instructions on how to join 24 hours before their test.

    Candidates will be assigned a unique and time-limited username and password to log into DMU's Blackboard online learning resource. This requires no download and can be accessed via any web browser.

    Candidates will also be invited to join Collaborate, a screen sharing and video support tool where candidates can speak directly with our CELL admin team to solve any technical issues. This is also how the test will be invigilated.

    The test will be split over 2 consecutive days with Reading and Writing components on Day 1. At the end of Day 1 the CELL team will arrange a slot for pairs of students to take the Speaking and Listening components the following day.

    Day 1
    9:00am to 10:00am BST - Reading
    10:00am to 11:15am BST - Writing

    Day 2
    9:0am to 11:30am BST - Speaking and Listening
    (scheduled 20-minute paired interview)

  3. When will results be published?

    Results are published 5 working days after candidates have finished the test. Certificates will be sent to the candidate directly and also to our admissions team.
  4. What happens if the internet drops or I can’t complete the test?

    It will be assessed if the candidate will be able to re-take the components of the test that were affected the next day. If minimal disruption occurs, where possible we can assess the candidate’s English language ability based on their completed results.
  5. How much does it cost?

    The online DATE test is free of charge to DMU offer holders.
  6. Do I need to download Zoom or Skype?

    No download required. The test is conducted through a portal that can be accessed via any web browser however for Apple Mac users we find the Safari browser works best.
  7. If I don’t get the result I wanted can I retake?

    Yes, but usually we ask for candidates to wait 3 months before retaking. The online DATE test enables candidate’s entry to our range of Pre-sessional English course starting from IELTS 4.5.
  8. What time does the test start? What if it isn’t suitable?

    The reading and writing components of the test start at 9.00am UK time (BST). The listening and speaking components will start at the agreed time slot. If this isn’t a suitable time to start the test please speak with your regional representative - we may be able to arrange a bespoke timing based on demand.
  9. I’ve applied to DMUIC through Oxford International, can I take the test?

    Please check with your regional representative. Due to the way in which the test is conducted through our Blackboard online learning resource it’s not always possible to test students that only hold an offer for DMUIC.
  10. I agreed a slot for my test with my agent or DMU representative but haven’t been contacted by DMU yet.

    Candidates will only be contacted 24hrs before the test is due to start, this is to maintain the test’s security and integrity. Please ensure you check your email 24hrs before the test and read the instructions thoroughly.