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Modern languages


Our Modern Languages pathway allows you to study Mandarin alongside your existing degree subject. We cater for all levels, from students who have no background in languages, dropped a language at school or have a GCSE or A-Level. 

You will be taught in small groups by a team of experienced and dedicated lecturers and tutors who will ensure the skills you develop are current to professional practice and will aim to boost your personal-development, enhance your professional skills and provide inter-cultural skills helping you to become a global graduate, equipped to meet the needs of employers across the world. The graduate employment market is highly competitive and having a recognised competence in a foreign language sets you apart from most other graduates and enhances your career prospects.

Our specificity is to cater for any language experience, meaning you will study at a level and pace that really suits you and your needs. Learning a new language with us will therefore not only provide you with linguistic skills, but will also enhance skills in your native language and develop your presentation, written and critical skills.

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