Working in the UK after your studies

  • Start job-hunting early, before the end of your studies.
  • Understand UK employers’ multi-stage application process (employers can use on-line tests, telephone interviews, assessment centres before face-to-face interviews).
  • Prepare yourself - use the careers and employability workshops, online resources and careers advice available.
  • Refer to the UKBA list of registered sponsors (list of companies and organisations that are licenced as sponsors on the UKBA website) to apply to their advertised positions or to make speculative applications.

Benefits to an employer of employing an international student

  • You will bring knowledge of other cultures to help an employer deal with overseas customers and suppliers, you may also have existing business contacts.
  • Global mobility - your ability to live and operate across a range of cultures.
  • Foreign languages - to translate commercial literature, assist with global marketing.
  • Help your employer compete effectively in a global market place.

Conversations with employers

  • Placements, internships, short-term contracts and projects can be arranged through your student visa (Tier 4). You are able to work 20 hours during term time, full-time during vacations and following your studies up to the end of your Tier 4 visa (Check any work restriction on your individual passport).
  • Tier 1 post Study Work visa - if you hold this visa you are entitled to stay in the UK and work until expiry of this visa.
  • ‘Right to remain in the UK’ - you may be entitled to work in the UK for reasons of ancestry, relationship or length of time in the UK. All international students can apply for any advertised role following their degree as long as:

-Salary stipulated in the UKBA Standard Occupational Code for the job role and not less than £20,000.

-You have the required UKBA points (see UKBA website).

-The employer is listed on the Register of Sponsors, or will agree to apply to be registered. The employer will issue you with a Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship. You will then need to apply for a Tier 2 visa though the UKBA website.

  • Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange - e.g. BUNAC Blue Card Internship six months work experience can be arranged with any UK employer, but you have to apply from your home country. Please see the BUNAC website for the cost to apply.

Further information

UKCISA - Working during your studies

UKCISA - Working in the UK after your studies

List of employers who are 'Registered Sponsors'

BUNAC - intern in Britain

Please note

This update is only a summary of the law in force at the present time and is not exhaustive, nor does it contain definitive advice. Specialist advice should be sought from a member of the University Immigration Team in relation to any queries that may arise.

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