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International student support

January 2021 course starts

Because of the current UK National Lockdown and current Government guidance, DMU advises international students not to travel to the UK until after mid-February, unless your course requires you to be on campus earlier. 

Students should consider delaying if travel arrangements can be rearranged without undue costs. If you need to be on campus earlier or you have already booked your flight, we've provided guidance on how to travel to DMU from your airport, including details of the National Express bus service and private hire taxis.

If you are making plans to travel, please also be aware -

  • The UK Government will now require you to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test when you arrive in the UK.  
  • UK government rules are likely to require you to self-isolate for 10 days on arrival. You should not leave your accommodation during this period - including to go shopping - unless there are exceptional circumstances that mean you are not able to have food or medicine delivered. We recommend that you prepare by making sure that you read and understand the DMU Self-Isolation guidance before you travel.  
  •  Upon arrival at your accommodation please report that you are self- isolating by completing this Self-Isolation form. The DMU Safe Trace system is designed to minimise the transmission of Covid-19. 

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

If you have entered the UK with a visa you will probably need to collect a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). Once we have received a student's BRP from the Home Office, the Immigration Compliance team will be in contact  by email to arrange to send their BRP securely to their term-time address. 

BRPs will NOT be available from Gateway House. If students are required to self-isolate they should not leave self-isolation to try to collect their BRP. They should wait to hear from the Compliance team by email.

Students’ visa information may stipulate that BRPs should be collected within 10 days. Students should not be concerned about this and  will not have any problems if they receive their BRP after the 10-day period.

Online resources

Welcome information for new international students is available online.

You'll find answers to many of the questions you might have about arriving at DMU and about living and teaching on campus, on the Your DMU Future pages. This includes information for both returning and new international students, as well as a section with Frequently Asked Questions.

Other online resources include -

International Student Guide

Your DMU Future Student Handbook  - teaching and learning for the 2020/21 academic year

DMU IT Handbook - guidance about technology and the DMU virtual learning environment 

Police visa registration

Depending on nationality, some students may need to register their visas with the police after arrival. There's more information here about this and about how to arrange an appointment for visa registration (if you need to do this).

Contact us

We can advise you on many of the issues related to arriving, living and studying at DMU; you'll find more information on these pages, or please contact us at

Please note that International Student Support are not able to advise on applications or course offers; if you have an enquiry about applying for a course at DMU, you can find contact details for the International Office and other useful information here.

If you are a current student at DMU you can book an appointment with us through MyGateway.