De Montfort Students' Union (DSU)

We are De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) and we’re here to help you make the most out of your time here at De Montfort University (DMU).


We’re an independent student-run and student-led organisation and we’re here to involve, represent and inspire you to do something unforgettable. And the best bit? Every DMU student is automatically a member of the SU!

We know that coming to uni can be expensive, so we take great pride in being a non-profit organisation – which means that every penny spent in the union is reinvested back into making our services and events awesome and affordable.

Find us in the Campus Centre on Mill Lane, right at the heart of campus. It’s a fantastic place for you to relax, socialise and make your student life exceptional.


voice - representing your academic interests and making your voice heard


All DMU students are represented by five full-time Executive Officers, each with an area of focus, working together to make DMU the best place it can be for us all. We also have seven part-time liberation officers who sit at the heart of our campaigns to represent all of our students.

All of your officers are elected by you and work for you to help make your voice heard to make positive change. Stay up to date with your officer team and find out how they’re making your university experience better on twitter @DSU_OfficerTeam.

Get in touch with your execs or ask them a question.


opportunities - providing you with lots of opportunities to get involved in

A big part of what we do is enable all DMU students to have a say about their experience. That includes driving positive change through campaigns and by representing students’ academic interests through our Officer Team and Course Reps.

Representation, Campaign and Democracy are the three pillars of Voice that enable you to have your voice heard and create change.

Elect individuals from your course to raise your views to your lecturers, Course Reps play a vital role in improving your academic experience.

Campaign on issues that matter to you, whatever the cause we’re here to help you run, develop and support the campaigns that will impact the lives of students at DMU and in the wider world.

Our elections ensure that our students have a democratic mandate to make change, our student councils are open to all, being a place where ideas can be debated to decide the direction the SU should go in.

Advice and wellbeing

advice and wellbeing - being there to empower, support and advise you.


Being there to help and advise. Our advice centre is a free, confidential and independent service provided by your students’ union.

Staffed by a professional team of experienced DSU Advisers, we’re here to help with virtually any welfare or academic related query including your course, finance, immigration, private sector housing, and to generally make sure you’re feeling safe, well and happy.

If you’re a first-year student we also run the MyUniPal scheme for those students worried about settling in at DMU. The MyUniPal volunteer mentors are here to give you the support you need whether that is a two-minute chat or two-hour trip somewhere close to campus.

They’re the best possible people to help you throughout your first year because they’ve been through it all before!


life - providing everything you need to enjoy life at university.

Providing everything you need to enjoy your uni life. We also give you a range of great nights out, trips and experiences that you can get involved with.

Plus we’ve got our very own shop which provides everything from stationery and art supplies to printing and dissertation binding, as well as our very own student lettings agency Sulets. We’re also home to The Tech Shop, which deals with every tech maintenance need you might have while at DMU.

There are also loads of ways you can keep up-to-date with us on social media.

Make sure you find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to us on YouTube. And if Snapchat is your thing we’re on there too…

You can also follow our official Activities, Voice, Support and Life accounts on Twitter for even more updates from your favourite departments from sports and societies news to special deals in our shop!