Student Experience Strategy

This is the Student Experience Strategy – DMU’s strongest, clearest statement of our fundamental commitment to you and to student success, in your studies, your career and your life. This is DMU’s first strategy entirely based on enhancing the student experience.

Aspiration, innovation and achievement underpin the Student Experience Strategy, strengthened by excellent development opportunities that challenge and inspire. It means:

  • Student co-create their own, unique experience;
  • Students transform beyond the academic experience, providing exciting opportunities;
  • Students grow and develop in an environment that maximises wellbeing, strengthens resilience and broadens ambitions.

The Student Experience Strategy is a true collaboration between students and staff and DMU is proud of, and excited by, this latest assertion of our core values.

The challenge is there: go broader, deeper and wider and take on something you’ve never done before. Step outside your comfort zone – there has never been a better time or place to begin.