International Asexuality Day

International Asexuality Day (IAD) takes place annually on 6 April each year (first marked in 2021) and celebrates the full asexual spectrum, and raises awareness of the ace umbrella, including demisexual, grey-asexual and other ace identities. 


What is Asexuality

Asexuality, also known as ‘ace’ is now a widely recognised term to acknowledge people who have little to no sexual attraction or desire and covers a wide spectrum, you can find out more about ace sub identities here. Asexual people who experience romantic attraction might also use terms such as gay, bi, lesbian, straight and queer in conjunction with asexual to describe the direction of their romantic attraction.

DMU is proud to support ace staff and students and our commitment to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index visibly demonstrates our inclusive and supportive environment, to enable all staff and students to feel the freedom to be their true selves at work and in their studies. 

To provide a safe space on campus for the ace community, we have previously held events for DMU Pride called ‘Space for Ace’. Where staff and students have been able to meet other ace individuals and share experiences.  

ULB champion for the LGBTQ+ and Allies Staff Network, Jill Cowley (Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts Design and Humanities) said: “At DMU we are fully inclusive of our ace staff and students. IAD is an important day in the LGBTQ+ calendar as the ace community is often marginalised, with little representation in the media. We must continue the conversation and find ways to further support ace voices to be heard here at DMU and beyond.” 

Guidance on being an ally

You can access DMU’s guidance on how to be a good LGBTQ+ ally here

Stonewall also has an ace hub dedicated to celebrating, raising awareness, and advocating ace identities. You can also access Stonewall’s ‘six ways to be an ally to asexual people’ here.

How to report homophobia, biphobia, intersexism and transphobia, acephobia and support available

No Space for Hate

DMU’s No Space for Hate project reinforces our commitment to challenge inappropriate behaviours and provide practical support to students who are victims, survivors or witnesses of hate or harassment. This comprises of a policy, website, anonymous reporting tool, a specialised service which outlines support and reporting options, specialist staff within Security and new mandatory training for staff involved in the disciplinary process.  

Join the LGBTQ+ student society

At DMU, we also have student societies that can offer a forum and support for LGBTQ+ students and allies. For details on how to join, please click here.





Posted on Monday 3rd April 2023

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