Students strive for success in our first Varsity series since 2019

Our first in-person Varsity series since 2019 ran from Tuesday 22 – Tuesday 29 March and saw DMU take on the University of Leicester (UoL) in more than 40 fixtures!

This series saw the neighbouring universities come together to participate and promote the great sport and social activities available and continue the friendly rivalry between DMU and UoL.


This year, there was a focus on inclusivity (players, spectators, officials, volunteers, staff and students) and the wider DMU community, with DMUsport showcasing student achievements both on and off the pitch.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions over the last two years, this was the first and last opportunity for some students to take part in Varsity, and they were thrilled to be able to go head to head with their rivals.

Despite UoL taking the win with the final results coming in at 13-30, DMU put up a great fight and had some incredible successes:

  • The Dodgeball mixed 2nd team won 14-4
  • Women’s Volleyball secured a 3-0 win
  • The Futsal Men’s 2nd stole the show, winning 12-4

Students and staff from DMU and UoL were also invited to celebrate the end of the series with a Showcase event at The Venue@DMU on Tuesday 29 March.

The audience was treated to performances by the DMU Steppers, the UoL Dance Performance Society, the DMU Saints and UoL Panthers and more!

DMU Saints
DMU Saints

UoL Panthers
UoL Panthers

The evening ended with a speech by DMUsport’s Fiona Dick (Head of Sport) and Monty presenting UoL with the 2022 trophy.

UOL Trophy
Georgia Henton, Sports Officer at Leicester Union, collects the Varsity 2022 Trophy

Posted on Wednesday 30 March 2022

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