Online Pre-registration now open for NEW students

Congratulations on securing a place at DMU!

We have now started inviting NEW students to complete online pre-registration; the first stage to becoming a registered student at DMU.

Online pre-registration is vital to help ensure that you can receive your personal timetable, access university induction resources, trigger the release of student funding (if applicable), receive your student ID card and gain access to university facilities.  

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You should have received an email invitation to complete online pre-registration by now, it includes information on how to activate your account and a link to the online pre-registration form (please note: these are two separate actions and both must be completed).

We would strongly encourage you to complete your online pre-registration as soon as possible. Delays in completing online pre-registration may result in delays in receiving your ID card, timetable and student funding or Biometric Residence Permit (where applicable).

Please note: online pre-registration is a different process to Your DMU Pre-induction.

If you have any queries about completing your online pre-registration or haven’t receive your invitation yet, please contact the Registration Triage Team by emailing or call 0116 207 8775. We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Home students and EU students with settled/pre-settled status - Having successfully completed online pre-registration and depending on when you complete online registration you may receive a confirmation of registration request by email - please note that this can be two weeks after registration has been completed. If you receive this email – please respond to this request as soon as possible. Your faculty will then finalise your registration remotely and you will become an officially registered DMU student.

International/EU students without settled/pre-settled status - Having successfully completed online pre-registration, you will be invited by email to attend a short video appointment from the w/c 6th December 2021, for which you will be required to book an appointment in advance. Further details on how to book an appointment will be sent to students once they have completed their online pre-registration. You are required to attend one of these appointments to finalise your registration and become an officially registered DMU student.

Applicants/students are not required to attend campus to finalise your registration as our process is designed to be wholly online. You will receive a notification about your student ID card distribution in January 2022.

Posted on Tuesday 7th September 2021

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