Please make sure you register your attendance correctly

You may have noticed that DMU recently took the decision to shift to the use of Microsoft Forms to record your attendance for synchronous (i.e. live) online classes.


At the start of your class, your tutor will distribute to you the link to the Microsoft Form.

For you to be able to complete the Form, you need to be logged in to your DMU student email account. Please note that if you try to log in to a synchronous online class through your personal email account, you will not be able to register your attendance correctly.

You will need to include the following details on the Form:

  • Tutor name
  • Module code
  • The session code (as detailed on the timetable e.g. S/03)

Your tutor will provide this information to you at the start of the class, via a PowerPoint slide and the chat function. It is important that this information is recorded accurately as the data will be used to ensure your compliance with DMU’s Attendance Monitoring Policy.

Completing the MS Form should be very quick and easy to do. If you experience any problems, please speak to your tutor in the first instance.

Posted on Tuesday 10 November 2020

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