Students working at Leicester City Football Club

Soo Eng Hao

‘Unitemps is a great platform for university students looking for part-time work and gain experience. I applied to work for LCFC because I am passionate about football and this is an opportunity to have an insight into the behind-the-scenes. The staff are very friendly and organised, I managed to meet new friends and it is a great pleasure to work on those shifts, so I would definitely recommend it to other students too! During the shift, teamwork and communication are essential so that everything can progress smoothly, and these are important skills for our future career as well.'

Jun Li

‘I work for Unitemps because they offer me regular shifts. I finance my study by myself, I need a job to help me going through my difficulties. LCFC shifts continually come, the job was not too hard to cope. the most enjoy part are the mates were friendly, and the leader was kind and offer us free drink. working for LCFC could enhance your team work sprit. I will recommend the shift to other students because they were reasonably paid.’

Matt Hurst

‘I applied to work at Leicester City Football Club with Unitemps after being out of work following a period of ill-health. Having already performed a number of voluntary roles, I was looking to gain some part-time paid experience.

I have enjoyed contributing to preparing the stadium for matchdays and being a small part of proceedings at my boyhood club. I have been made very welcome by the club staff and have also enjoyed working with the other temps I have met.

It has definitely been very useful to have some recent paid work to list on my CV alongside my voluntary work. I was able to secure some further work elsewhere in the months after starting at LCFC and I’m sure this helped. The only shifts that I didn’t sign up to were very early (5/6am) starts. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to make it in time seeing as I don’t live in the city. I think the shifts would be ideal for most students living in town if they don’t mind the odd early morning start.’

Swarda Chavan

Why did you apply to work for LCFC?

I started working for LCFC two year ago, I was in my second year and have no part time job. Therefore to allow myself income as well as experience, I applied for the job. Furthermore, the task was not at all complicated which made it easier to complete.

What do you enjoy most of working at LCFC?

I love working in the environment. It feels like an honour to be getting to the prestige stadium getting prepped for the match. I also love meeting my friends and being able to work with them. Plus, it gives me a free workout .

Employability skills?

It has enabled me to boost interpersonal skills such as punctuality, awareness, team work and time management. Thus it will benefit me in utilising these in my field of work.

Would you recommend this to other students and why?

Yes I would definitely suggest LCFC shifts and to also register to Unitemps as it provides various recommendations for other part time jobs. LCFC shifts are pretty convenient ( if you can get up early) and easier to do. The staff are friendly and cordial. It is a good way of making money whilst getting great experience.

Shrey Upadhyay

Why did you apply to work for LCFC?

I applied to work for LCFC primarily because I am a huge Premier League fan. What could be better than working for a Premier League Club and watching the match later with gratification that you contributed towards its successful organization? As I am an MSc Business Management in Sport student, I also wanted to add the work experience in my CV. The job provided me with an astronomical learning experience about the operations of a major sports event.

What do you enjoy most about working for LCFC?

I enjoyed working in under the floodlights the most. The sight of King Power Stadium and football pitch under the floodlights is a treat to the eyes of a football fan. I never thought about rejecting an early morning or late evening shift just because I loved the venue, especially under the lights.  

How has it benefited your employability skills?

The LCFC shifts provided me with a chance to test numerous employability skills such as professionalism, punctuality, team-work, and communication. 

Would you recommend the shifts to other students and why?

I would definitely recommend the LCFC shifts to other students. The working culture at LCFC is great and organization by Unitemps impeccable. The shifts provide students with an opportunity to work according to their convenience. It is very easy to sign up for the shifts and enter the log hours of our work on the Unitemps website. The payments are always on time and the staff at Unitemps are always available to help.  

Ketsara Lertpanyabuppa

I joined/work for Unitemps as a university student whose seeking to gain further experience in real working field, and learning and using employability skills to carry out the best results for the given tasks. As well as the shift patterns is balanced with university timetable.

The reason I have applied to work at the LCFC is because they offers to support and provide great opportunities for student and local people to work with them. And from my experience from working at LCFC, I am very glad to meet a good team which has helped me built a strong employability skills in teamwork, time management, and planning and organising etc. 

I would definitely recommend this job role to other students, because this is a great opportunity to start experience the real working environment and developing further employability skills.