Eddie Ellis

"They call me Steady Eddie!"

I am a young, enthusiastic personal trainer who wants to work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be. I believe that to reach your goals requires hard work and 100% commitment… but there is no reason why it can’t be fun along the way. I specialise in weight training, fat loss and diet and nutrition.

My main focus will be designing a fitness and nutrition program to specifically suit you!! So if you want to reach your health and fitness goals, give and receive 100% commitment.. and enjoy yourself along the way then get in touch and LET’S SMASH IT!


Degrees & Qualifications:

Advanced Apprenticeship in Active Leisure and Learning Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise

Level 3 NVQ in Instructing Exercise

Level 3 NVQ in health & Nutrition 

Level 3 NVQ in Exercise Referral



'Following illness I decided to take a proactive and lasting way to change my lifestyle and health so I decided to get a personal trainer.

Eddie provided me with an individually tailored program developed just for me which enhanced my stamina, improved my body shape and helped control my blood sugars.  I have gained confidence in my physical ability and I now feel a lot stronger and have a greater understanding of how my body works.

The exercises are different and challenging but are always interesting and enjoyable.

Through Eddie I have inspired the whole family to improve their health resulting in my husband reducing by 2 belt sizes.' Thanks Eddie.



“Eddie I would like to really thank you for your work put on me, I am super glad we met and that you are my PT!

You know what i just realized, what is best thing that changed in last months of working out?
Despite weight loss, fantastic mood or being constantly invited for fashion shows in Italy (:P) - there is one amazing bad habit which changed 

It's eating a breakfast. I know it doesn't sound impressive, but for me, 32 yo guy who NEVER eaten proper breakfast cuz was never hungry after waking up - its huge accomplishment. 

Every day after I wake up, I go straight to kitchen to prepare myself a meal as im STARVING!!!! and it feels soooo good :) After proper nutrition in the beginning of a day I feel so much energy throughout the day than before. That't amazing :)

All best, see you soon!”


“I had been away from the gym for quite some time and had lost my motivation and enthusiasm. I enquired about personal training and was assigned Eddie. A tad nervous at first Eddie helped me overcome that quickly, with work outs on the mats, TRX straps and new gymnasium equipment.

Eddie has helped me build my confidence back up and as well as having more body definition I have managed to lose a stone and dip under the 14 stone mark for the first time in years. Eddie talks about eating healthier and explains what muscles and other parts of the body are being worked on which I find useful.

We alternate between upper and lower body and also do cardio circuits. I also have attended TRX sessions too. Quite frankly Eddie has helped me out immensely and I cannot thank him enough. As the Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Eddie has pushed me in a positive way forward where I can send a positive message to staff and students”.

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