Membership options for the QEII Leisure Centre

There are a range of memberships available for students, staff and members of the public to access the facilities at the Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Leisure Centre.

We strongly encourage everyone to purchase their membership online or via the DMU Leisure app. If you are yet to download the app, please do, as all activities, including gym and pool sessions, are only bookable through the app.


Get our app!

With the free DMU Leisure App you always have the QEII in your pocket. Purchase memberships, book classes and activities, view the class and pool timetables, get up-to-date information and receive push notifications for important news.


All DMU students and staff are automatically on our system and have a unique PIN number to log in to the app with. If you do not know your PIN, input the email address you registered to the university with and click on forgotten PIN, you will then receive an email to reset your PIN number (four numerical digits). All other users click register.

Membership levels

There are three levels of membership, Gold, Silver and Bronze:

Gold membership includes anytime access to all centre facilities

Silver membership includes off-peak access (Mon-Fri 6.30am-4pm | Sat 8am-8pm and Sun 9am-8pm)

Bronze membership includes access to the pool, sauna and wet classes (dependant on the pool timetable).

All memberships are subject to our terms and conditions.

Please refer to the table below for details of each membership level's access:

Activity areas/opening timesBronzeSilverGold
Swimming pool x x x
Fitness suite   x x
Free fitness suite induction   x x
Sports hall   x x
Climbing wall   x x
Classes - Studio   x x
Classes - Pool x x x
Weekday daytime access (6:30am-4pm) x x x
Weekday evening access (4pm-10pm)  x   x
Weekend access x x x

Purchase your membership online

Student membership options

Valid DMU student ID card or temporary DMU student ID with a photo ID required.

A full 12-month period from the date of joining:

Gold: £189.00 (includes UNIversal Gym card)

Silver: £112.00

Bronze: £90.00

Purchase your membership online

Gold £115.00
Silver £67.00
Bronze £49.50

Purchase your membership online

Gold £64.50
Silver £41.50
Bronze £34.00

Purchase your membership online

One-month period, starting from the date of joining:

Gold: £22.50

Silver: £14.50

Bronze: £12

Please note this is offered as an online purchase only.

Purchase your membership online

Staff, community and concessionary memberships

For staff monthly payroll deduction scheme, please ask at reception for more details.

Membership 12 months 6 months 3 months 1 month
Gold £254.50 £135.00 £75.50 £26.50
Silver £192.00 £102.00 £57.00 £20.00
Bronze £129.50 £66.50 £37.00 £13.00


^Includes UNIversal Gym card

Purchase your membership online

For monthly membership instalments we offer a 12 month plan via recurring card payments. Please contact reception for more details.

Membership 12 months 6 months 3 months 1 month
Gold £360.00 £188.00 £106.00 £36.00
Silver £270.00 £142.00 £85.00 £29.00
Bronze £168.00 £86.00 £50.00 £17.50

Purchase your membership online

Concessionary discount apply for DMU alumni, temporary or retired DMU staff, DMU staff or student family members, corporate, over 60’s and non-DMU students.

Membership 12 months 6 months 3 months 1 month
Gold £289.00 £146.00 £85.50 £30.00
Silver £215.00 £110.00 £64.00 £21.50
Bronze £146.50 £74.50 £44.00 £15.00


  • DMU family: Only available to immediate family members of DMU staff or students who are members at the gym – these being classed as parents, siblings or partner. Membership is per person. Proof of living at same address required. If no longer live within the same home the following additional information is required:
    • Parents: Birth certificate of DMU member and photo ID of parent to validate name. DMU staff or student ID card of person related to
    • Siblings: Birth certificates of DMU member and sibling and photo ID of sibling to validate name. DMU staff or student ID card of person related to
  • DMU alumni: Proof of Graduation Certificate or Validation from DMU student database system by completing an Alumni Authorisation form and receipt of approval from Alumni Office
  • Retired DMU staff: Validation from DMU staff database system and signed off by leisure centre staff
  • Non-DMU student: Valid student ID card for other schools, colleges or universities
  • Seniors: Over 60’s are required to provide proof of age and photo ID
  • Corporate: Proof of employment to be shown at Reception to be added to your account


UNIversal Gym Membership

DMU has signed up to the UNIversal Gym membership scheme with British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS). As an affilate to the programme, students and staff will have access to fitness facilities at over 50 different university venues across the UK, at no additional cost. The programme will allow staff and students returning home, visiting friends or working away on placements, the oppurtunity to continue with regular fitness routines.

DMU welcomes UNIversal Gym members from other institutions that are participating in the scheme to our facilitites during our opening times.

Info for DMU students and staff

  • Students and staff that are holding a Gold membership are eligible for the scheme
  • UNIversal Gym members may visit any of the participating institutions to use their fitness facilities. Please check the BUCS website for any specific university access restrictions and requirements. DMU students and staff will not be able to use facilities at the University of Leicester and vice versa.
  • To register for your UNIversal Gym membership create an account on the BUCS website



Corporate Memberships

We offer concession rate memberships to local businesses who would like to join our facility. For more information on corporate memberships please contact reception.