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Short courses

Our short courses run throughout the year and vary in length.

The courses are designed to support skill development in specific industries, where you will gain new expertise and acquire skills that benefit both yourself and your employer.

There are also many options available at the university to study in bite-sized sections, gaining credits at the same time. These university credits can then be counted towards a full university qualification in the future should you wish to further develop your professional skills.

The types of short professional courses we offer are in the areas of:

A full list of the current available open courses are displayed on our A-Z listing.

Bespoke courses

We can also design bespoke courses tailored to suit your business requirements.


Masterclasses are ideal if you want an injection of new skills and cutting-edge knowledge into your business.

  • They are led by academics with the winning combination of a strong track record of teaching, scholarship and research in their subject and a passion for developing people in work
  • The face-to-face delivery is compressed into a shorter period, so delegates require less time out of the workplace
  • The amount and quality of learning that takes place is high. Preparatory reading means that students are engaged in the process before they meet their tutor and learning continues after the masterclass is over, as delegates use their new insights and skills in the workplace and reflect on how they can develop their practice 
  • Companies have the option of sending delegates on one of our pre-scheduled short courses. Alternatively they can choose the ‘bespoke’ option, and work with us to create a masterclass/programme that maps onto the needs and situation of the organisation, and is only open to people who work within it

Masterclass topics we offer include: 

  • Building Effective Employee Engagement
  • Conflict Management
  • Managing Global Teams
  • The New Role of Social Media as a Strategic Tool
  • Financial Modelling
  • Creating a High Performance Culture
  • Risk Management for Organisations
  • Development of International Skills and Cross-cultural Management
  • Finance for Non-financial Managers
  • Managing Change and Innovation
  • Communicating for Impact and Influence
  • Housing and Customer Insight
  • Franchising as a Business Growth Model
  • Effective Operations Management

Please see our case studies for some previous projects.

Contact us

If you are looking for bespoke development solutions for your business, we have a dedicated Commercial and Business Development team that specialise in particular areas.

If you are a business looking to work with DMU or would like more information, please contact us on:

T: +44 (0)116 207 8455