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The Cyber Technology Institute at De Montfort University offers a range of training and consultancy services to both global organisations, such as BT and Airbus Group, as well as local SMEs. These services include:


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses

MSc Qualifications for your Employees

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships




An integrated model: University and Work - the best of both

From September 2018, we will be offering two new Degree Apprenticeships: Digital and Technology Solutions Professional and Cyber Security Technical Professional Integrated Degree Apprenticeship.

We already have experience of delivering Apprenticeship training as, for the last three years, we have been delivering a foundation degree as part of the BT Higher Apprenticeship scheme.

A Foundation degree is a vocational higher education qualification which equates to the first two years of a Bachelor's degree.  These courses are a qualification in their own right and cover the levels of study known as Level 4 (Year One) and Level (Year Two). Once someone has completed their Foundation degree, they can choose to continue onto a Top-Up degree to gain a full Bachelor's award (know as Level 6).


If your organisation is interested in investigating the potential to develop a similar Cyber Security work-based training programme as part of Higher or Degree Apprenticeships, we would be pleased to discuss this with you.

Please contact:



CPD courses

Ensuring that your skills and knowledge are kept up-to-date is critical in an area, such as cyber technology, where the pace of change is faster than it has ever been.

In order to ensure your staff's skills are relevant to the current cyber challenges, we offer a wide range of CPD training courses in cyber security, software engineering, digital forensics and management subject areas.

These are the current Cyber Security and Digital Forensics CPD courses that we offer in the CTI.

Foundations of Cyber Security - 4 day course

This course will provide you with the baseline knowledge to meet the cyber security challenges that organisations face every day.

Cyber Threat Intelligence - 4 day course

This course will provide you with the relevant practical skills to conduct risk assessments and generate actionable threat intelligence to inform your organisation’s security strategies.

Host and Network Security - 4 day course

This course will provide you with the practical skills to analyse, exploit and mitigate the vulnerabilities and threats in host-based and networked systems.

Penetration Testing and Incident Response - 4 day course

This course will provide you with the knowledge of how to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within systems under test and plan an appropriate response to manage computer security incidents.

Cyber Engineering - 4 day course

This course is designed to introduce you to the core electronic and communication engineering concepts and devices that constitute the physical aspects of the cyber domain with a focus on the security implications of the design.

Malware Analysis - 4 day course

This course will expose you to real malware and the tools and techniques used to combat current threats.

Digital Forensics Principles and Practice - 4 day course

This course is designed to provide you with the critical knowledge of tools and techniques used in digital forenscis investigation and an understanding of how to preserve the evidential value of digital artefacts that are relevant to an incident.

Alternative Operating Systems Forensics - 4 day course

This course will provide you with the knowledge to understand the forensic processes required to acquire and examine images for Linux and MacOS operating systems as well as common mobile feature phone and smart phones.


We also offer a range of Software Engineering CPD courses, taught by experts from Software Technology Research Laboratory(STRL):

Modern Programming Techniques - 4 day course

This course will provide you with the practical skills to write programs that utilise combined object and functional patterns of computation.

Critical Systems - 4 day course 

This course will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the engineering and management of critical systems; as well as the ethical and professional issues of managing them.

Software Quality Assurance and Testing - 4 day course

This course will provide you with knowledge of effective testing methodologies and quality assurance in the software engineering process.

Requirements Analysis and Cloud-based System Design - 4 day course

This course will provide you with the knowledge of essential issues of requirement engineering and system design, including cloud-based systems.

High Assurance System Design - 4 day course

This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of high assurance system design approaches.

Semantic Technologies - 4 day course

This course will provide you with knowledge and understanding of semantic technologies, their implementation and applications.

Internet of Things - 4 day course

This course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the key concepts and design challenges relating to IoT systems and devices.

 Management: Agile Project Management - 4 day course

For a discussion as to how a CPD programme could be tailored to your organisational needs; as well as upcoming dates, pricing and for any other information about these courses, please contact:



MSc Qualifications

In addition to providing CPD training courses, we have also developed Cyber Technology MSc, designed to support organisational training needs. 

This specialist programme has been developed with members of our Industrial Advisory Group, which includes: Airbus, BT, Deloitte and Rolls Royce.

The course includes four main pathways: cyber security; software engineering; digital forensics and management; and it can be tailored to support the specific training and development needs of a sponsor organisation. 

For more information about how your organisation can take advantage of this opportunity, and our Cyber Academy schemes, please contact us:



Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a government funded programme designed to help businesses improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance.  This is achieved by forming a Partnership between your business and De Montfort University (DMU), enabling you to access skills and expertise to help your business develop. 

We are already running successful KTPs in the Cyber Technology Institute at DMU. With Airbus Group, we are working to develop digital security and forensic capabilities for Critical Infrastructure Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and Smart Grid Systems. 

With Measom (Dryline) Limited, we are working to develop and embed a new database management system and bring ICT management in-house, improving labour efficiencies and support business expansion.

For more information about KTP opportunities, please contact us at: