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Higher education short courses

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing skill set, reinvent your career – or you are an employer interested in a new way of upskilling your workforce – our innovative higher education short courses have been designed with you in mind.

These 12-week intensive short courses will equip you with the digital knowledge and expertise you need to succeed. The modules are worth 30 credits each at qualification level 4, which means the modules are taught at the level of the first year of an undergraduate degree.

The demand for digital skills has never been greater. Last year in Leicestershire alone, there were 7,200 job postings looking for people with advanced digital skills.

We’ve worked alongside leading businesses in the region to develop the course content to ensure that you are learning the skills companies are looking for, taught by our academics who are experts in their field.


Benefits for businesses

Our new digital short courses will help teach the skills that employers need to keep pace with today’s data-driven professional environment.

Digital short courses

Learn digital skills employers are looking for

Now is the perfect time to learn valuable new skills with DMU’s new 12-week courses in data analytics, and information security management and governance.

Learn digital skills