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Environmental management is an essential element of sustainability and sustainable development at De Montfort University and is a cornerstone of the university’s Strategic Plan.

The university is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities at the local, regional, national and global levels. The university has set out its commitments to the environment in its Environmental Policy and has already made considerable progress in addressing environmental issues through its travel planning, recycling and energy saving activities. A copy of the Environmental Policy can be downloaded here.  

DMU is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities and services. The University has introduced a number of projects and initiatives to reduce the organisation’s environmental impact and to engage with staff and students on environmental issues to encourage greener habits in the workplace.

As part of the university’s approach to environmental management it is committed to openly reporting progress on environmental issues. This reporting takes the form of the annual Environmental Report which is produced by the university’s Sustainable Development Task Force. A copy of the most recent report can be found on our Sustainability pages here


The Energy, Sustainability and Transport Team

Paul Eccleshare, Energy Manager (Full time),           , 0116 257 7641.

The Energy Manager, based in Estates & Commercial Services, is responsible for developing and implementing the University Energy Policy, monitoring & targeting energy usage and carbon emissions, including checking, recording and approval of all energy bills prior to payment being made by the University’s Payments section. The Energy Manager has an annual Energy Efficiency budget which is equal to 3% of the University’s annual energy and water budget to spend on measures to reduce energy and water use.


David Oldham, Energy Officer (Part time),               , 0116 257 7744

The Energy Officer supports the Energy Manager in implementing energy and water saving projects across the campus.


Karl Letten, Environmental & Sustainability Officer (Full time),, 0116 207 8746

The Environmental & Sustainability Officer, based in Estates & Commercial Services, is responsible for implementing an environmental management system through liaising with faculties, directorates and senior management. The post holder supports the Sustainable Development Task Force (SDTF) in delivering environmental and sustainable development initiatives, meeting the goals and targets set by the SDTF and co-ordinating and consolidating the university’s sustainable development related policies. The Environmental & Sustainability Officer has an annual sustainability budget to fund sustainability and behaviour change projects.


Emily Wallis, Sustainability Assistant (Full time),, 0116 207 8986

The Sustainability Assistant, based in Estates & Commercial Services, is responsible for chairing Green Transport meetings, assisting with the compilation and management of the University’s Vehicle Parking and Cycling Policy, Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System, assisting with the annual car parking permit renewal/applications process and overseeing the compilation of the University’s Travel Plan. The Sustainability Assistant has an annual budget to fund greener travel initiatives which is funded from car parking charges.


Nigel Ward, Post & Porterage Manager (Full time),             , 0116 207 8156

The Post & Porterage Manager, based in Estates & Commercial Services, is responsible for maintaining waste and recycling schemes within the university. Their responsibility includes encouraging waste recycling amongst staff and students and implementing schemes to reduce waste and improve recycling rates within the university.


Dr Andrew Reeves, Lecturer (Full time),, 0116 250 6569

Dr Reeves is a full time lecturer at DMU spending his time equally within the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (IESD); and as a lecturer in learning development within the Centre for Learning and Study Support (CLaSS). Dr Reeves also has dedicated time for leading on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) work at DMU and is currently leading a project to embed sustainability within the formal curriculum.


Kaie Small-Warner, Responsible Futures Frontrunner (Part time),

The Responsible Futures Frontrunner post is a paid intern post at DMU which will work on the Responsible Futures programme, which is run nationally by the National Union of Students (NUS). Responsible Futures is a whole-institution approach to embedding social responsibility and sustainability across the formal and informal curriculum. It is a supported change programme and accreditation mark that works to put sustainability at the heart of education.


Molly Manley, Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner (Part time),

The Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner post is a paid intern post within the Sustainability Team at DMU. The Green Behaviour Change (Campaigns and Social Media) Frontrunner will develop communications and awareness raising materials for environmental and sustainability events using social media channels. The placement will also work with the Environmental and Sustainability Officer to develop campaigns, projects and events to encourage environmentally friendly actions amongst staff and students.


Charlotte Lingham, Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner (Part time),

The Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner post is a paid intern post within the Sustainability Team at DMU. The Green Behaviour Change (Projects) Frontrunner will assist in the co-ordination and delivery of environmental and sustainability-related projects at DMU, including NUS Responsible Futures and NUS Student Switch Off.


The DMULocal Team

#DMULocal demonstrates De Montfort University Leicester’s (DMU) commitment to sustainability by using the knowledge and skills of students and staff to work with communities across Leicester. Born out of the award-winning DMU Square Mile project, #DMUlocal works alongside key strategic partners such as Leicester City Council, Leicestershire Police and local NHS Commissioning Groups to create sustainability projects that improve education, enhance health and wellbeing, support regeneration and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These aims are achieved using the expertise and enthusiasm of hundreds of DMU staff and student volunteers, who travel across the city to take part in more than 125 projects and activities each year. This amounts to more than 22,000 volunteering hours a year and over 2,700 volunteering opportunities.

There are 12 members of staff in the DMULocal team (11 FT and a 0.5 FTE) with 5 part time student placements (2.5FTE) based across Leicester. The team have an annual budget to deliver these projects.


There are also a large number of other academics and professional services staff who spend time working on sustainability activities at DMU such as Green Impact, Education for Sustainable Development and research on sustainability.

DMU also has a network of Environmental Champions who help to disseminate information about current sustainability projects and raise awareness about sustainability issues.


Please click here to view the Engagement page.