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What is Green Impact?

DMU is taking part in an exciting project called Green Impact. Teams of staff will take part in the Green Impact environmental accreditation scheme, helping them to adopt greener habits in their workplace. Green Impact is run locally by DMU but managed across more than 50 universities by the National Union Students (NUS). 

Who can take part?

The scheme is aimed at teams of employees. Staff can organise their own teams and it’s very flexible in terms of what a team is. For example, a team might be all staff in a building, groups of staff with the same role such as all admin staff, or a number of departments joining together.

Ideally we will have a range of teams representing the university from academic and non academic departments, from small to large teams. Anyone can act as the staff team lead and they are responsible for completing and submitting the workbook of evidence to show what has been achieved. There can be a number of staff team leads and it is important to remember you can recruit students to help you!

How it works

The Green Impact teams are given a list of environmental activities in the form of a webpage broken down into Bronze, Silver and Bonus categories to complete. Each activity is a clear, easy to implement action. Each activity is scored and depending on the number of activities that are completed and the number of points scored teams can achieve either the working towards accreditation, Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver or Gold awards. There are also a number of special awards; the categories for these are: Office Depot Innovation Award; Best Energy Saving Idea Award; Environmental Hero Award and Best New Team. Throughout the project, support will be provided by the Green Impact Assistant and other members of staff from the university’s Estates Department.

The project also involves students from DMU by providing student volunteers with special environmental auditing training. Once trained the students then visit Green Impact teams to ensure that the activities have been completed to the recommended standard. Involving students in this way provides both training and practical experience in environmental auditing. Teams can also be audited by staff from the Estates department as an alternative if they wish.

Towards the end of the project a special awards ceremony will be held where the teams will be presented with their bronze, silver or gold awards.

Further details about Green Impact and some information regarding the environmental activities can be found on the Green Impact web pages

Green Impact Excellence

Green Impact Excellence is a project based standard that allows new Green Impact teams and previous Green Impact teams to take a break from the online workbook. The Excellence framework gives teams the opportunity to work on a ‘bigger picture’ sustainability initiative, with specialist support and guidance from DMU’s Green Impact support team and the NUS.

Green Impact Excellence has been piloted in the last academic year with students unions and in DMU. The Excellence standard has been well received and as a result we are continuing to offer this award to existing and new Green Impact teams.

Excellence Guidance Document 

Excellence Project Plan Template

Excellence Final Report Template

What's in it for you?

  • A bespoke toolkit designed to help you green your department
  • Being part of something bigger designed to green campus
  • Recognition for environmental actions in place already, and all your efforts
  • The opportunity to encourage colleagues to think about the environment
  • The opportunity to save resources and money, and taking part is free
  • The opportunity to achieve

Who is taking part?

In 2016/17 8 teams took part and we are currently recruiting more teams for the next year of the project. If you would like to take part or would like to know more please contact for more information.

2016/17 award winners


  • The Venue

Gold Award

  • QEII Leisure Centre
  • ITMS
  • Green POD

Excellence Award

  • Estates Development
  • Estates Services
  • Student and Academic Services
  • Green POD
  • Executive, Governance and Legal Services

Green Impact Special Award for Engagement

  • Green POD – volunteering days & canal clearing 

Green Impact Special Award for Community Action

  • ITMS – tree planting at a local school 

Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner

  • Alexandra Kilcran 

Student switch off

Student Switch Off is an energy-saving competition between halls of residence.

Halls of residence at DMU compete against each other to reduce energy and carbon emissions. Students sign us as Eco-Power Rangers to save energy and encourage others to do so. Prizes are given out during the year to reward individuals and halls for all their hard work.

At the end of the year the hall which saves the most energy wins a free party as a thank you for their efforts. Participating students are encouraged to post pictures of themselves saving energy on the DMU Student Switch Off Facebook page 

The Student Switch Off scheme is run nationally by the National Union of Students (NUS) and details of the scheme can be found here:-

Working with the university community 

One of the keys ways of improving our environmental performance is through engaging with our university community and encouraging greener behaviours. As such the university has set itself targets for running behaviour change projects with its staff and students. These targets are to:-

•    Deliver at least one environmental behaviour change project per year in halls of residence for students (Student Switch Off) to 2016/17

•    Deliver at least one environmental behaviour change project per year for staff (Green Impact or similar) to 2016/17

Progress against these targets will be reported through the university’s annual Environmental Report.



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