Fitness classes


Live classes will be streamed on Facebook, and the timetable can be found via our app and social media pages

*Timetable may change on a week by week basis. Only take part in online classes if it is safe to do so and you feel confidentand well enough to take part in physical exercise.


Our programme of classes is designed to offer a wide variety of sessions to suit most users in a social setting. All classes must be booked in advance and can be done via our app, (Search DMU Leisure on your device store) at reception, or through our online booking system. 

Please ensure that you cancel any classes you are no longer able to attend as there is a fine system in place. Non-members are only able to book 24 hours in advance of classes.

Classes cost £4 for non-members, Gold and Silver members can book classes according to their membership product.

If you're unfamiliar with any of our classes you can also read a brief descriptions of each class before you book.

We are actively helping the university in reducing its carbon footprint by minimalizing the amount of printing we do, therefore timetables are only viewable online.

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Class descriptions

Advanced Pilates

Designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. Advanced Pilates is for those who are experienced enough in Pilates, and looking to further develop to more complex exercises.


Aqua aerobics

A water based class designed to improve general fitness, toning and core strength. This class helps support some of the body weight minimising impact and reducing stress on the joints.


Abs Blast

Designed to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles.


Belly Dance Fitness

Are you ready to get those hips shaking? As well as the physical benefits, the combination of music and exercise can help to lift your mood. Belly Dance is a great way to stay in shape, gain confidence and stay healthy no matter what your dance experience.


Body Conditioning

An all over body workout that uses aerobic movements as well as barbell exercises. Designed to improve general fitness, strength, toning and endurance.


Body Blitz

This is an all over body workout that uses aerobic movements as well as barbell exercises to improve general fitness, toning, strength and endurance.



An exercise class based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit. Classes can take a variety of formats but a typical one may involve shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups.



Invloves performing a series of exercises in a set order called a circuit. Each activity takes place at a 'station' for a set a period of time. It is designed to improve speed, agility, coordination, balance and muscular endurance.


Contemporary Pilates

Based on the work of Joseph Pilates but has been modernized by adjusting the exercises to fit with modern research and has a heavy influence from physical therapy and bio-mechanics. Many exercises remain the same, but a whole new slew of exercises have been added, or variations have been added allowing for injury rehabilitation and creativity by the instructor. Contemporary Pilates will generally teach exercises in a “neutral pelvis” or the position one’s spine is in when standing upright in a healthy posture.


Fusion Fit

An all over body workout combining basic kickboxing moves, work on the step box and barbell work. Designed to improve fitness, toning and endurance.


HIIT & Abs

High intensity cardio interval training involves intense bursts of exercise followed by a short, sometimes active recovery period. No equipment is used as this class is dependent on only body weight exercises.



An all over body workout that helps to improve general fitness, strength and endurance by using a kettlebell weight. The kettlebells come in various different weights suitable for everyone.



Legs, bums and tums are the core focus of this class by using aerobic moves to strengthen and tone.



Is a high intensity workout including a series of body weight exceriseswith interval style training, designed to keep your body burning calories long after your training session is complete. 



Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being. Similar to Yoga, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility. In Pilates the chance of injury is much lower than with other more strenuous forms of exercise.


Pilates & Tone

In this class you will be using small weights whilst performing some of the standard Pilates exercises. There is also a lot more stretching that will help shape & tone the body.



A combination of the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of Yoga. And, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout.



The class is taught in the gym and uses heart rate sensors provided by the Centre that display real time heart rate bpm for each participant. Focused around the Centre's 'RIG', the instructors will push users to their limits using a variety of the functional equipment the fitness suite has to offer. 



A great way to build cardio endurance whilst burning calories on an indoor bike to music. Some of the Spinning classes include an ab workout at the end.



Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The practice is centred on four integrated principles: breath, strength, integrity, and spirit.



YogaFit is Yoga for everybody and every body. A user-friendly yoga that offers options for stronger or simler poses and flows. It encourages us to be in the moment, to let poses fit our own bodies and to let go of judgement, expectations and competition.



A fun class that involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music.

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