De Montfort Open Research Archive (DORA)

De Montfort Open Research Archive (DORA) is De Montfort University's research repository. It forms the primary public and institutional record of DMU research outputs. 

DORA lists over 16,000 outputs, and the breadth of research at DMU means that these include articles, conference papers, books, book chapters, and other material available in a digital form. The record for each output contains descriptive information as well as, where possible, a version of the final research output. DMU's policy on Managing Open Access reflects the move towards Open Access and it is now mandatory that all journal articles, conference papers and related text outputs include a full text version. More details can be found in the documents below.

Electronic deposit of PhD theses is also mandatory and theses from DMU PhD students are available from DORA.

Guides and Information

DMU policy on Managing Open Access

DORA licence agreement 

Take Down Policy