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Research Staff Training and Development

Research is central to our mission at De Montfort University (DMU) and is at the heart of our vibrant academic environment. Support for the training and development of our staff is a key objective within our Research Strategy and we aim to provide for the needs of researchers at all points in their careers. 

The Research, Business and Innovation Directorate was created to support the needs of our research staff and included within this is support of training and development. The RBI coordinates with other directorates and faculties across the University with the aim of providing as broad a programme of courses and sessions as possible. 

The following pages include full details of our programmes and other relevant courses available within DMU for research staff. Research Students are also similarly supported – for more information contact the Graduate School.


The Concordat to support the development of researchers

Research excellence comes from the enthusiasm of staff working within our faculties and institutes and so the recruitment, retention and development of excellent research staff is fundamental to our success into the future.

Recognising the crucial role played by research staff, DMU is fully committed to the principles of the 2008 Concordat to support the development of researchers. The Concordat sets out expectations and responsibilities of researchers, their managers (PIs), employers and funding bodies such as the research councils.

Overall lead responsibility for ensuring that DMU implements the principles of the Concordat sits with the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation. The following have direct responsibility for implementing the Concordat across the institution: Research Business and Innovation and Personal and Organisational Development, faculty heads of research, heads of research groups and research institutes.



Researcher Development Framework:

The Researcher Development statement (RDS) and Researcher Development Framework (RDF) were developed by Vitae contribute to researcher training and development in the UK by providing a strategic statement (RDS), endorsed by Research Councils UK, Universities UK and other leading national organisations, and a more detailed operational framework (RDF). Together they support the implementation of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, and the QAA Code of Practice for research degree programmes.


Research Staff training and development at DMU is mapped to the RDF and we aim to reflect as many of needs of researchers identified by the RDF within our programmes. The following pages are divided up into the 4 domains of the RDF and provide details of courses and sessions offered as are linked to these areas. Full details of the RDS and RDF can be found on the Vitae website and a summary document is available outlining RDF.


Early Career Researchers:

DMU is committed to supporting the development of its Early Career Researchers. More information of the training and development available can be found throughout this section and details of those courses particularly aimed at Early Career Research staff can be found here. The development of research students sits with the Graduate School.











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