Performing Arts Centre for Excellence (PACE)

The Performing Arts Centre for Excellence (PACE) opened in 2007, thanks to a £4.5 million award from the Higher Education Funding Council of England recognising the excellence and innovation in DMU teaching for music, dance and drama. The four-floor dedicated building contains numerous large-scale studios supporting traditional performance and rehearsal activities as well as experimental work in sound diffusion, interactive performance and audiovisual installations. 

Studio 1

PACE Studio 1 Panorama

PACE Studio 1  is the primary studio used by MTI. This 16m x 16m room was acoustically designed to provide an outstanding, spectrally-balanced venue for multi-channel diffusion concerts. The highly flexible room can serve as a white-wall space or a black-box space. Fully modular seating can be arranged as needed for specific performance, installation, or classroom needs. A Steinway Model-D grand piano, high-definition video projection and a full theatre lighting rig complement the extensive sound diffusion system:

8 x Genelec 8050 monitors
2 x Genelec 1038 monitors
4 x Genelec 8030 monitors
6 x Genelec 8020 monitors
8 x Genelec 1032 monitors
2 x Meyer UPQ1P monitors (for live performance)
2 x Meyer 500HP subwoofer (for live performance)
2 x D&B monitors and subwoofers (for teaching)
2 x APG monitors and subwoofers (for practice/PA)

3 MOTU 828MK2/3 audio interfaces

Mixers & Diffusion Controllers
1 Allen and Heath diffusion/live-performance board
3x Mackie Onyx 1604
1 Glui 32 channel custom diffusion controller
1 Apple Dual 2.6 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon

Logic Pro
Pro Tools

Ambisonic Studio

Studio 1a

PACE1a Panorama

PACE Studio 1a serves as a recording control room for Studio 1 or as a fully sound-isolated rehearsal and devising room and classroom.

Studio 2

The double-height ceiling and full-lighting rig of Studio 2 lends itself to interactive dance performance and research applications.

PACE 2 Quad Setup

More PACE Information…

See the official PACE site for more video and images of all of the PACE studios and interviews with students and staff in music, drama, and dance about their usage of the facility.