Performing Arts Centre for Excellence (PACE)

The Performing Arts Centre for Excellence (PACE) opened in 2007, thanks to a £4.5 million award from the Higher Education Funding Council of England recognising the excellence and innovation in DMU teaching for music, dance and drama. The four-floor dedicated building contains numerous large-scale studios supporting traditional performance and rehearsal activities as well as experimental work in sound diffusion, interactive performance and audiovisual installations. 

Studio 1

PACE1 EMS 2021 sharp x2000
Irine Røsnes, violin, and Simon Emmerson performing Emmerson's 'Stringscape' at the Electroacoustic Music Studies Conference, November 2021

PACE1 EMS2021 AnnaX sharpen x2000Anna Xambo live-coding performance, Electroacoustic Music Studies Conference, November 2021

PACE1 Convergence 2022 remoteconfJoanna Demers remote keynote at MTI's Convergence Festival, September 2022


PACE Studio 1 is the primary studio used by MTI. This 16m x 16m room was acoustically designed to provide an outstanding, spectrally-balanced venue for multi-channel diffusion concerts. The highly flexible room can serve as a white-wall space or a black-box space. Retractable raked seating and individual chairs can be arranged as needed for specific performance, installation, or classroom needs. A Steinway Model-D grand piano, high-definition video projection and a full theatre lighting rig complement the extensive sound diffusion system, which can also function as a 3D sound dome.

8 x Genelec 8050 monitors
2 x Genelec 1038 monitors
4 x Genelec 8030 monitors
6 x Genelec 8020 monitors
8 x Genelec 1032 monitors
2 x Meyer UPQ1P monitors (for live performance)
2 x Meyer 500HP subwoofer (for live performance)
2 x D&B monitors and subwoofers (for teaching)
2 x APG monitors and subwoofers (for practice/PA)

RME Madiface XT
2X RME M-32 DA
RME Micstacy 8-channel pre amp

Mixers & Diffusion Controllers
1 Allen and Heath QU24 Digital Mixing Console with CAT5 Stage box
3x Mackie Onyx 1604
1 Glui 32 channel custom diffusion controller

1 Apple Dual 2.6 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon

Logic Pro
Nuendo 8
Pro Tools

Ambisonic Studio
IEM Plug In Suite (ambisonics)

Studio 1a

PACE1a Panorama

PACE Studio 1a serves as a recording control room for Studio 1 or as a fully sound-isolated rehearsal and devising room and classroom — or an installation-art space.

Soundcraft PA mixer Spirit 8
2x EV ZLX15P Active PA speakers
Apple iMac
M Audio M Track 8 audio interface
LG Tv Screen 42LH3000
Yamaha Stage custom drum set
Paiste Cymbals
Peavey Bandit 112 Combo guitar amp
Markbass Combo amp II
Line 6 Spider guitar combo amp

Studio 2

The double-height ceiling and full-lighting rig of Studio 2 lends itself to interactive dance performance and research applications.

PACE 2 Quad Setup