Research group members

Dr Tyra ZetterströmResearch Group Lead/Reader in Neuropharmacology
Neuropharmacology of Brain Disorders

Dr Daniel Sillence, Reader in Cell Biology
Lysosomal Storage Diseases and Sphingolipid Cell Biology

Dr Ben Gronier, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Modulation of Brain Neuronal Activity and Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Dr Nicoleta MoisoiVC2020 Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Compartmental Stress Signaling in Age-Related Neurodegeneration
Mitochondria Quality Control and Parkinson’s Disease 

Dr Chris Young, VC2020 Lecturer in Biomedical and Advanced Biomedical Science
Autophagy and Purinergic Signalling in Health and Disease

Dr Lan Zhu, VC2020 Lecturer in Biomedical and Medical Science
Neurobiological Mechanisms in Nervous System Disorders

Research students

Dr Nikhol Sullo, Postdoctoral Researcher

Mrs Estabraq Jaddoa, PhD student

Mr Adesina Omoloye, PhD student

Mr Simon Wheeler, PhD student

Mr Lukasz Lagojda, PhD student

Miss Rubab Talpur, PhD student

Associate members and disciplines

Bioanalytical Chemistry and Chemical Pathology
Professor Martin Grootveldt
Dr Jinit Masala

Natural Products Research
Dr Randolph Arroo

Biomolecular Technology
Dr Tiziana Sgamma

Computational Biochemistry
Dr Philippe Wilson

Pharmacy Practice
Ms Susan Allen
Dr Stephen Bennett