Services for Business

Equipment and Expertise

Cell Culture; primary/line generation, in-vitro assays, supplement testing, cell sorting

Histology/histopathology; embedding, sectioning, immunohistochemistry, histological stains and analysis

Microscopy;  Brightfield/fluorescence, confocal, live-cell

Molecular biology; Western blotting, PCR, In situ Hybridisation, zymography, pharmacological assays, genetic manipulation and cloning

Image analysis; expertise in ImageJ-based methodologies and image analysis automation


High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Behaviour Analysis

In vivo Brain Electrophysiological Recording

Brain dissection methods

Molecular modelling, rational drug design

Links with business

Neurosearch, Denmark

Eli Lilly

Schwabe Pharma, UK

Pronexus Analytical AB, Sweden

Exonate, Nottingham

External collaborations

Universities of Oxford, Leicester, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Rouen, Verona and Shanghai

The National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest

The Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

CRUK Addenbrooke’s Institute, Cambridge, UK