Media Discourse Centre postgraduate and research study options


MA/MPhil/PhD study

The group welcomes applications from research students. We offer expertise in the following areas: 

  • Protest, Media and Investigative Journalism
  • Media Discourse and Politics
  • Social Media Use, Surveillance and Identity
  • Class, Gender and the Postcolonial
  • Peace Journalism
  • The Global Rise of the Far Right
  • The Global Promotion and Mediation of the UN Sustainability Goals
  • Media Discourse and Advertising
  • Ethnography and Grounded Theory
  • Cultures of Resistance in Southern Europe (Spain, Greece and Italy)
  • Media Discourse and Critical Security Studies 
  • Critical Discourse and Multimodal Analysis
  • Child Sexual Abuse and the Media

The task as we conceive it is to analyse the production, consumption and interpretation of communication in the contemporary media environment, without abandoning our critical approach to public communication.

For further information please contact Professor Stuart Price at

PhD applicants can follow this template (3,000 words maximum):

Your name and current qualifications

Title of Thesis/Project

Overview of the research (highlight its originality and significance and explain what contribution it makes to an existing or emerging field)

The conceptual, theoretical and empirical context of the research

Research design and methodology

Academic References

Investigative Journalism MA

This course has been developed in collaboration with Channel 4. Professional endorsement from industry ensures high quality teaching by expert academics and professional journalists. This specialist course is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and contacts needed to embark on a successful career in investigative journalism. Our teaching staff have many years of industry experience which can be drawn upon to develop skills and expertise that are relevant for a career in Journalism.

Contact: Professor Stuart Price, at and Pervez Khan, at

MA/MSc by Research

De Montfort’s MA/MSc by Research offers the opportunity to pursue an independent research project while benefitting from the support of expert supervision. Students can develop an understanding of research study, linking your research project directly to your current or future career interests, and obtain a taste of what PhD study might entail. You are encouraged to discuss your research ideas with potential supervisors before you start so that you have a clearly defined project at the enrolment stage.

Contact: Professor Stuart Price, at and Professor Jason Lee.