Media Discourse Centre areas of expertise

 Our areas of expertise include:

  • Protest, Media and Investigative Journalism
  • Media Discourse and Politics
  • Social Media Use, Surveillance and Identity
  • Class, Gender and the Postcolonial
  • Peace Journalism
  • The Global Rise of the Far Right
  • The Global Promotion and Mediation of the UN Sustainability Goals
  • Media Discourse and Advertising
  • Ethnography and Grounded Theory
  • Cultures of Resistance in Southern Europe (Spain, Greece and Italy)
  • Media Discourse and Critical Security Studies 
  • Critical Discourse and Multimodal Analysis
  • Child Sexual Abuse and the Media

How do students apply? (see below for guidance)

The Centre is closely aligned with the Channel Four/De Montfort Investigative Journalism team. Two of our Visiting Professors are Dorothy Byrne (Head of Channel Four News and Current Affairs), and Krishnan Guru-Murthy (Presenter and Journalist, Channel Four News). One of the Centre’s major projects has been the production of a book series on Protest, Media and Culture, co-edited with Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido.

Recent doctoral research topics have included social media use in the Brazilian favelas, the manipulation of online gendered identity in Iraq, surveillance and society in Nigeria, investigative journalism in Africa, UK electronic dance music cultures, internet rumour in China, and a study of feminist film-making in the Middle East.

To apply: MDC welcomes postgraduate applications from students interested in pursuing higher degrees in Media Discourse. Write to using the following headings (3,000 words maximum):

Your name and current qualifications

Title of Thesis/Project

Overview of the research (highlight its originality and significance and explain what contribution it makes to an existing or emerging field)

The conceptual, theoretical and empirical context of the research

Research design and methodology

Academic References

MDC has sub-groups studying southern European (Spanish, Greek and Italian) media, protest, journalism and politics (Dr Guiliana Tiripelli, Dr Nayia Kamenou, Dr Marco Checci, and Professor Stuart Price), ‘nation branding’ in China (Dr Jenifer Chao), mediated democracy in Iraq (research associate Dr Ahmed Bahiya), political culture in Latin America (research associate Dr Fernanda Amaral and John Coster), surveillance and politics (Dr Ben Harbisher), Media and Health (led by Professor Jason Lee), and Race and the Postcolonial (Gurvinder Aujla-Sidhu). A major current of our research is a critical appraisal of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which saw the creation of two major conferences, in Jakarta (April 2019), and at the Guildhall, Leicester (September 2019).