Institute of Artificial Intelligence postgraduate and research study options

MSc Intelligent Systems and MSc Intelligent Systems and Robotics

Computational Intelligence (CI) encompasses the techniques and methods used to tackle problems that traditional approaches to computing struggle to solve. The four areas of fuzzy logic, neural networks, CI optimisation and knowledge-based systems encompass much of what is considered to be computational (or artificial) intelligence. There are opportunities to apply what you learn in areas such as robot control and games development, depending on your interests. 

Modules include work based on research by the Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IAI). With an established international reputation, its work focuses on the use of fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, evolutionary computing, mobile robotics and biomedical informatics, providing theoretically sound solutions to real-world decision making and prediction problems. Past students have published papers with their IAI project supervisors and gone on to PhD study.

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PhD studies in Artificial Intelligence and its applications

The institute has world leading expertise in uncertainty modelling, intelligent data analysis, fuzzy sets, grey systems, rough sets, neural networks, evolutionary computation, optimisation and their applications (see consultancy and commercial services). Our graduated PhD students are playing leading roles in their institutes' world wide.  We welcome all talented researchers to join us for their PhD studies.

For information regarding postgraduate research contact Professor Yingjie Yang,