Institute for Applied Economics and Social Value areas of expertise

Our research uses economic theory and methods to address a wide range of societal challenges. Here is a snapshot of some of the issues that current work addresses.

Economic growth

  • Dynamic links between economic growth and human development
  • Access to electricity and labour productivity in developing countries
  • The impact of political instability and terrorism on economic growth
  • Impact of social media on economic growth

Pro-social behaviour

  • How can cooperation be sustained in small groups?
  • Why do people give to charity and what factors increase giving
  • Can leadership by example increase pro-social behaviour


  • The role of stock markets on environmental degradation
  • The effects of tourism on pollution and emissions
  • Detecting causality in climate change data

Industrial economics

  • Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
  • Determinants of firm survival
  • Does research and development increase firm profitability and productivity?
  • Social media use in small and medium enterprises
  • Trade-liberalisation and mark-ups

Economics of crime

  • The ‘business model’ behind financially motivated cyber crime
  • The consequences and causes of corruption and bribery
  • The economic causes of terrorism in fragile states
  • Behavioural interventions to improve the cyber preparedness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

International economics

  • Politico-economic determinants and effects of international factor mobility
  • The role of media in international trade
  • Foreign aid and multilateral economic relations